Since ancient times, man has developed science and philosophy. If you look at the Egyptian and Greek cultures, who are basis for most western science and philosophy, at the root of the principles are mathematical simplicity and sacred geometry.

I discovered this video about how to learn from nature as an architect of genius solutions. (note: the video supports subtitles in 24 languages). However, the most important point for me as a Luciferian is to spread the idea about working to reshape how resource management is being done today, instead of using up limited resources such as oil or fossile fuel, we should develop closed-loop circuits and self-sufficiant modules, and drawing energy from the Sun.

One of the things that can be accomplished by changing to lighter materials such as ETF instead of glass, is a lighter structure. A lighter structure requires less steel. Less steel means less structural overhead, and less steel means more sunlight comes in, the less energy has to be used on heating. In fact they discovered that the weight of the building was less than the air inside it.  The point to illustrate is that a simple change in one place can bring a domino effect of ingenious design.

It is a reminder that if you change your mindset, you change how you construct.

If you change how you construct, you change your mindset.

(Note to ADHD people: I recommend watching the video with both audio and subtitles and follow the text at the same time as the presentation.)