I found that one of the top incoming searches to my site is the search phrase ‘luciferian money’. It surprised me to find that my site is 9th place in Google using just this searchphrase. Not wanting to disappoint my audience, I decided to expand on the topic that seem to attract so much interest.

Doing my research, I noticed all the other links on the first result page in Google linked to articles warning about the NWO, and how the Illuminati, the number 666 and money are all tied together. The ususal conspiracy theories that litter the internet. It’s always interesting when people discover new patterns from folding a dollar bill, or from an air photo of a building shaped like a pentagram. I like when people use their imagination. But when millions of people repeat the same thing….. please…

Sadly, none of the articles were really useful. They all warned about the dangers of being controlled by some commercial conglomerate with occult undertones, but offered little help to individuals on what to do about it.

I mean, you can point at a problem, but if you are not offering the solution, it just becomes useless repetition.

Then I thought about what attract people to such articles. Mainly it’s about the situation most people in the world find themselves in. If you live in a 1st world ‘western democracy’ you find that in reality you feel helpless, that you are just part of the ratrace, that you will never really have enough money, and that your employer, your government and yes, everybody is trying to screw you. And let’s not even talk about the 2nd and 3rd world countries.

So let’s clear up some facts.

  • Yes, only 1% of the world’s population control 99% of the resources.
  • Around 10% of the world’s population consume 90% of the resources being produced.
  • Most of the power in the world is focused around these commodities: oil, weapons, drugs, energy, water, minerals.
  • The secondary level is territory, market share, currency and real-estate. All of this are derived from the above factors.
  • All other are third level, derived from the other two.
  • Nations do not really exist, in essence a few very big private companies control most of these resources.
  • Armies, presidents, generals and politicians all work directly or indirectly for these companies.
  • You don’t need to know who they are, because you can never hurt them by knowing who they are.
  • The ‘system’ is built around the idea of ever-increasing consumption, and ever-increasing profit.
  • The ‘system’ will fail by itself when the resources are used up.

Now let’s cut the crap and get to the interesting part.

  • Let’s learn how money can work for you, depending on what you do.

Study this chart.

As you can see from the graph, most people find themselves as Employees, they do not have so much control over their time, and they find that although they have a small income, they are really just paying off the investors, and business owners. Who don’t even work. Well, that’s not entirely true, they may be even harder workers than yourself, working more hours and attending meetings at the expense of spending time with family, and maybe also skipping holidays. But if they are successful as business owners and investors, they will have enough money to do both. But most people like that, see it as their “drive”, so they will work hard to earn more money, etc. It’s the energy and personality type that creates different people.

You are an employer or self-employed if:

  • You focus on getting payed by your time instead of results
  • You focus on the negative obstacles instead of the positive and possibilities
  • You focus on the limitations of your life instead of thinking that the sky is the limit.
  • You work hard for your money instead of letting your money work for you
  • etc

If you are already earning passive income, good for you.

This is the advice for the rest of you who are stuck in active income.

The real solution is not to be stuck in just one of these quadrants, but to combine them.

  • Although you are an employeee, working from 8-16 or 9-17, you can start a business on the side, that you can spend your free time on. The idea is to provide more income, by selling a product or providing a service, that you can either continue to develop as a web shop, thus requiring only a few hours every week, or by hiring people who can work for you, or a combination there of. If your business is successful, you can quit your dayjob.  (Becoming a business owner by starting small).
  • If your employer permits you to work in front of a computer, you can use your spare moments during the day to follow up on your side business.
  • If you want to take a chance, you can quit your job, reduce your spending, and work in a field of service that is guaranteed to be useful to others. (Becoming Self-Employed)
  • If it is really successful, you can become an investor as your money increase.

The main point to understand here, is that you will be rich, happy and successful once you understand that YOU are the only one to blame for your success or failiure up to this point in your life. Go read “The Secret” if you need to find out by trial and error, how much your directed will is involved in the results around you. And how much you yourself is attracting everything in your life around you – whether you like it or not – the trick to learn is to control that power and direct it so that you attract only the stuff you want. And not the stuff you don’t want.

The only problem in the world is not the NWO, the illuminati, or the president or the Federal Reserve, your biggest problem right now is YOU since all change begins with YOU. The world looks like it does, because THEY did not realise this, and those few who are successful, did.

Of course, the more radical solution for society is to get rid of money entirely.

My fellow Luciferian, Grant J Kidney has an excellent article “How to fix the economy: Get rid of money” which I think is a great solution for those interested in a more radical approach.

But please, blame yourself, not the Illuminati.