So lately I’ve seen the same numbers everywhere, usually it has something to do with 11, represented by the numbers 2 and 3. I also see the number ’13’ and ’22’ a lot. The sum of both numbers are 4 (as in the number of elements, or cardinal directions).

Usually these encounters have been more and more when I have pondered something, and felt the need for encouragement. It is just then that a mathematically beautiful pattern will show itself, when it is just like a sweet whisper of encouragement. Puts a smile on my face every time.

Let me give you an example.

I was thinking about adding this article – not knowing which of the many encounters I could talk about – when I deliberatly looked at my digital clock – as if asking for a verification of my idea –  which also shows temperature inside and outside in Celcius.

I let you look for yourself, as I was able to take a snapshot with my mobile phone camera.

It’s +26 degrees Celsius inside, the time is 23:32, and it’s +13 degrees Celsius outside.

Interesting things to note:

  • (26 is 2 x 13) + 13 The number ’13’ is represented three times
  • The hour “23” means “11” in the evening
  • The minute “32” can be interpreted as “23” inverted/mirrored
  • The sum of the numbers 2+6+2+3+3+2+1+3 = 22
  • 22 = 2 x 11

and the list goes on….