Luciferian is not defined by faith.

My path of being Luciferian is not a choice as in fashion, like choosing clothes to wear, but is in accordance with Will, in that it is my Will to be a Luciferian, it has been since birth.

It’s not destiny or fate that brought this situation for me, as although the seeds were planted long ago, I had to grow up and nurture those seeds, and continue to tend the garden of enlightenment and consider myself still in the process of growing, still learning, still developing.

I identify with the Lucifer archetype as I recognize other Luciferians through the Lucifer archetype. Yet I do not believe in a deity like the Christian or Satanist theistic view of a supernatural entity outside myself like ‘Lucifer’ or ‘Satan’, as faith is for Christians or Satanists.

However, as such, deities are created by man because man has divine nature, and I do not believe in the Gnostic myth of creation, but find it a useful and comforting story. Hence the work of a Luciferian is like the work of the gnostic, to rebel against the demiurge (false god), reject unwarranted and undeserved authority, especially the false materialist and unfair world that we live in, and the confusion among mankind over religion and politics, the root of all evil.

Our fighting plan is to restore man’s place in “heaven” (as the place of the throne of the ruler of the universe), as the supreme being, or put in gnostic terms, to re-unite with plaeroma (the all, the monad).

Towards that goal, it is neccessary to know yourself, and to have courage to be seen as different;

because you are different,

because you feel different,

because you think different,

society will likely treat you different.

Thus, your heart can not be swayed by fear, because fear is the hallmark of restriction, rules and threats, and fear is what controls the people who are not liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth (the matrix) thus the “normal” people are the mundane, colorless, resistance-less people who conform to society, who do not dare to explore their inner universe, nor to realise their full potential.

Your enemy is always fear, and by knowing it, you master it,

because look at what you have been doing to this point, this very point, that brought you here – right now. Remember all the times you stood up and called “foul!” to the workings of the archonts (servants of the demiurge/false god). Remember all the troubles it brought, but as we know – we know – how much worth it was every time.