Most people go about their lives without direction, or with the false idea of control from their desires and not realising their true Will as taking their rightful place as masters, they become slaves to their own egos and misunderstandings and other people’s needs and demands.

Part of my campaign to bring focus on the idea of being awake, I just realised that my friends article ‘Select and purchase your books with care‘ is not limited to just buying books. Indeed, the process of actively selecting, categorizing and deciding should be applied to most things in life that has to do with information, things we collect in our lives, and relationships, and goals.

Why not select friends with care? Or decide on what job to take with care? Indeed my point is that we need to do everything with care.

As a Luciferian we are the masters of our own universe. This power comes with great responsibility.

I am – a singularity, a single point with no dimensions – at the center of the universe, and all things, people and relations comes out of this singularity or is defined through it.

If I am not constantly using the power of discretion I am at the mercy of external forces and no longer in control.

As I realise my true form is this singularity that is nowhere and everywhere at the same time – I accept total responsibility for my own actions, as well as how my surroundings, yes, the whole universe is shaped and formed by my Will. My active choices – or lack thereof, will impact the universe in such a way as to shape the future not only for “myself” but for “many others”, through myriads of action and reaction.

So to keep it simple, I decide with everything I come across, do I really want this thing in my life. Will it serve a defined purpose to acheive a funcion or a goal. Will it help me in my work, or others?I try to keep as few things or people in my life as possible. Through having only useful things and useful people in my life, I am only surrounded by things and people who positively contribute to my goals in life.

How to cope with the ever-increasing flood of information and demands of the mundane is described in my other article: How to dig yourself out of a hole.