I have another exercise for you to try, this can be applied for one week, but ideally it should be an integral part of your life or for an extended period.

The method is to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who am I? (the subject)
2. What am I doing? (the object)
3. Where am I? (the place)

Do not simply visualise simple answers, but for instance when you answer “Who am I”?, try to visualise the role you are in. Are you the work-self? The internet-self? The lover? The magickian? For instance, if I am doing a mundane task, I say my name. If I do something esoteric, I use my magickal name. If I am doing something professional I use the appropriate role title, etc, try to identify yourself in conjunction to what you are doing, but more specifically WHO are you at this very moment? (You’ll observe how this changes from situation to situation).

What am I doing should be answered in my case that I am now typing in my blog, and then you can try to  bring to mind the context of doing, as to also give the purpose of your doing.

Where am I is to put yourself in a context. I am for instance in my room, where you can also take note of the environment, fragrances, light, and every detail that meet your senses at this very moment .

When we ask these questions the focus should be in the heart. That means that we should visualize the heart area and ask the questions.

Slowly, a coherent picture starts to form as the context is completed as to who you are in any moment, what you are doing and why you are doing it, and where you are and why you got yourself into that situation, and what purpose is your work.

You can begin by applying this method 3-5 times a day.

Also, another interesting and simple method for “increasing” awareness is to observe the details.

For example, you walk to your job every morning from a specific street. Start look around and observe various objects like shop fronts, promotion labels, etc.

In the next morning walk across the same street and apply this method. This time you will observe some details that you’ve missed the previous morning.

Finally, another method is before going to bed at night spend a few minutes and start to think about the events that took place during the whole day. Start from the most recent and get to the time when you woke up in the morning. Just observe the events and don’t judge if your action was good or bad. Just “watch” the sequence of events.

The core of the three methods is to increase your perception in general and afterwards to focus it at yourself.

I believe that if we draw our attention to the Self and not to irrelavent thoughts, we can built a strong foundation towards self realization.