As a Luciferian I don’t want to get into the habit of commenting on world events. This blog is about a Luciferian. But it is this Luciferian’s blog, so I get to personally choose, not for the sake of mundane discussion but for the higher discussion of something mundane that affected me personally on many levels.

First of all, yes I am safe. I had a feeling something would happen soon, a big disaster of some kind. I was sick to my stomach and had nightmares everyday a week before it happened. Only 24 hours before the incident, as luck would have it, I drove the 10 hour drive to a remote area in Sweden, 800 km from Oslo.

My friends there were able to get news in via text messages to cell phone, but very limited due to poor connection. I returned to Oslo on Sunday, two days after the attacks.

Returning to find Oslo central area in ruins, glass everywhere, windows blown out in 1 km radius. Then as many of my friends are Freemasons, I got the disturbing call from a friend who was contacted by the media asking about this person who performed the attacks. He confirmed this person was not very active, as he could barely remember his face ever being present in one of their meetings.

The attacks were themselves horrible and particularly distasteful, since kids were involved. One 11-year old boy who had seen his father die, turned against the attacker walking against him, saying “you killed my father, so you killed enough”. To me, that is a real hero, as his determination and courage ensured his survival.

The terrorist himself has demonstrated also, that a single individual, who is determined, can make the most powerful impression and change history, and affect millions of lives. Right now, as we speak, there is a “manifest” circulating on the internet, that gives a 1500+ pages long insight to why a seemingly otherwise perfectly normal, blond aryan would start shooting his own, and perform these acts of cold blooded murder. Being a fan of “Dexter” and “True Blood” also gives some clue.

There is no doubt he is into occult symbolism, as the time of the bomb was 15:25 hours local time (1+5+2+5 = 13), he is born on the 13th, his manifest “2083” (2+0+8+3 = 13),  the card no. 13 in tarot is “Death” which also means transition, initiation, or in this case, can be interpreted as “the end to start a new beginning”. The long title of his manifest also include reference to “Solomon”.

I see a person who is completely sane and very intelligent. There is no doubt that he has a different experience of reality than the broad masses, but everything is controlled, prepared and executed according to deliberate will. I see the media and the people being controlled in the way he predicts the people will react. People show up in downtown Oslo with roses, holding them high, by 200.000 people at the same time, like a Nürenberg meeting. Please understand that it is quite scary to see group-mentality in a country so not used to group mentality.

I am afraid we have not seen the end of this what I call “Christian Al-Quaida”, the exact replica of a muslim extremist terrorist one-man cell group, only with the opposite (Christian) religion. This is the first time we see an attack of this scale from what is essentially a religious “war” or act of terror from a Christian Jihad movement that is contained in splinter cells of one.

Anyone who have read Iain Banks, or Isaac Asimov, knows how dangerous one person is, into the equation.

The Norwegian authorities said it very well, and I am thankful they did: “We can not protect ourselves against this kind of attack”.

So unlike the US, no arbitrary rules will be put in effect, such as no bottles of liquid on airplanes or no taking pictures of government buildings even though postcards can be bought of the same building just down the street.

Being born into Norwegian society myself (although not feeling part of it), I know the group-mentality is, to not be afraid but to increase the unity of the people.

As I am discussing this, millions of people are already reading the manifest of 1500+ pages. I worry that it works like spam, that even if 99% ignore it, some individuals still don’t, and it contains all the directions on how to make a bomb, how not to end up on the list of the intelligence agencies and how to avoid detection and working “off the radar”. He is, already, succeeding in setting up other terror cells, consisting of one individual, who answers to none other than the ideas and purpose of the manifest itself, as its “bin laden”. How impossible to catch a bin laden who is a PDF document posted online? Traversing not the Tora Bora but The Pirate Bay, bittorrent, twitter, Facebook and in people’s private mailboxes.

Genius way to ensure more terror, and that maybe even a “grass root” could form, etc, since what he is playing on is the already established anti.muslim feelings of the people.

Although people are disgusted with what he did, secretly I think they feel excited that they now have a powerful leader, like we have seen before, that comes to lead people into the archontic pitfalls and traps of human lust for results, their inner desire being to finally realise their true potential Will, but instead of making it into practise, taking the religious path, which is to “follow the leader”, as all religions do, instead of taking personal responsibility.

I do not thank god for surviving, nor blame ‘the devil’ for how a man can perform such atrocities.

I thank myself for sensing the situation, observing both myself and other people’s reaction, and I will say to anyone: Be mindful of your own patterns, your own reactions, and be awakened to the reality behind realities. Do not fall into the trap of being abused either by the media, popular beliefs, religion, or this man who commited the crime.

Ultimately the destroyer of lives and the bringer of misery, is politics and religion. Shun them like the pest.

Discussion and hate breeds disharmony and wars, while selfless acts and self-control bring love and peace.

Can you understand and give compassion to the victims who died, their relatives, as well as the man who performed these acts, and send healing thoughts to them all, for their entrapment into cause, and effect, the cycle of suffering and pain?


You can experience the moments before the attack with someone was filming minutes before the event in this video.