I have an idea for an exercise.

In our language, the word “God” is often used metaphorically and anecdotally in different situations. Consider these statements:

“For the love of God, get a job”  (friendly suggestion)

“Oh, God” (expressing emotion of joy or sadness)

“As God is our witness”

etc etc ad nauseum.

My exercise is, try for one week to replace “God” with you, i.e form sentences like:

“For the love of Me, get a job”  (friendly suggestion)

“Oh, Myself” (expressing emotion of joy or sadness)

“As I am our witness”

The aim of this exercise is, of course, to see how important YOU are in all the decisions of YOUR LIFE; to really feel how language (thus re-enforcing old patterns, habits, sheep-herd-thinking) shape how we think and act. You might be positively encouraged to see some very cool results of this acceptance of responsibility.

Try to encourage your sex partner to use “you” instead of “God” instead of he/she shouts “Oh God” as you are having sex. The credit, should, of course, go to you as you are doing all the hard work anyway, you should hear it.

At work, people in your office might think what you’re doing is strange. Let them think so, but do not deviate from your exercise, just observe how you and your environment change. Avoid any discussions on why, how, what, etc for now, just do it.

Oh, and after a week, please post some comments if you want to share experience.