When you want to have a good red wine to accompany a fine meal you are preparing, you search for quality. Over the years, your experience will tell you what years, districts, and what method of harvesting that you prefer, and also which wine is good with what food.

Likewise, interaction with other LHP’ers is an aquired taste. Simply finding people who disguise themselves with being LHP’ers, or donning exotic names such as DarkLord666, or just calling themselves ‘Satanist’ are no better than the profane mass-produced cardboard wines that sell in the supermarked.

A wise man once said “Luciferianism is like a market”.

Following that line of thought, a Luciferian is likely to visit many markets, many of dubious nature, someone ill-equipped to serve a sophisticated taste for quality.

Because when it comes down to it, Luciferians enjoy quality. And quality is expensive, since time, effort, and careful consideration must go into any product that is to have any quality. In modern industry, mass-production made it possible to make products of reasonable quality at a lower price.

For mundane things, like bottles or cars, mass-production is fine. For finding spiritual people or those on their path to gnosis, or Luciferianism, the fast-food method doesn’t cut it.

I see when a community thrives, and it’s when quality comes into it. The LRS is a place where quality has potential. Not because people must pay to be on LRS – they shouldn’t – but that people pay because they want to. Such a community will attract people who actively work and support their community and help build it.

In every case, you will have a constellation of lurkers, that is, the 90% users who don’t contribute much, but who are silent consumers of information. Next, you will have active people of 10% who atleast try to post randomly. Within that group, 2%,  you will find the useful people who contribute with something worthwile. The last four-or-so are the admins who make the whole thing work.

Whenever I meet or work with people, I want to work with those 2% + 4 people.

I am happy there is an audience, but only as so far there is a hope in hell that atleast one of them will have the intelligence, energy and curiosity to evolve.

As in the gnostic creation myth, it all comes down to awakening from the slumber of blissful ignorance to take the steep and slippery hill down into the abyss, before one can realise that the way out, is the way in, and the way in is a journey to rediscover your true potential as a lover of divine quality, one that appreciate all that is good in the universe, to reclaim the throne as the rightful God in the heavens.

Thou art God.

Many a Satanist has trollfully (with the skill of a Troll) wielded this powerful phrase around like a big dick in a LHP forum somewhere as if when given to show off his or hers license to an inflated Ego and therefore a dick.

If I see people who work, think, are alive and awake, and who act and respond intelligently, there is hope in my heart.

I like to think of the saying as

You (are me) art (has the essence of) God (the singularity of the Divine all).

or put more simply

You are you.

With the added interpretation that you have infinite potential. Just like a good wine.

And having said that I wish to finish this inspirational post with something out of the great musical talent of Devin Townsend Project – from their album Deconstruction – with the song “The Mighty Masturbator”: [Spotify version] [Youtube version] [lyrics]