In another post, which discuss the existance of “Indigos”, a famous label that originated in the 1970’s in western society by writer Nancy Ann Tappe, and which have often been described as having a connection to Luciferianism, but also a lot of New-Age talk about special kinetic or psychic abilities. 

I consider myself Indigo only to the degree I recognise myself according to the general defintion suggested by the Order of the Luciferian Sword, but this is not something I cling to, as like all dogma I tend to play with the idea, not attaching too much to it, as ideas are not static, and labels are useful to play with as a tool.

During the 70’s, a whole generation found themselves in rebellion against society, during the hippie age, in synchronicity with the “new age” concept where esoteric tradition got a revival during the hippie times of great sexual and expressionistic freedom, unlike the earlier wave of esoterics during the late 1800/early 1900’s with the Theosofic Society, GD, Aleister Crowley, and so on.

New Age is what appealed to the hippie culture in the sense that other dimensions of human experience could be visited through shamanism, tarot/divination, astral travel, etc, and it was believed that “Indigos” and “Crystals”(another label) would be the “next generation” of awakened children that would somehow bring great improvement of humanity.

I think the idea is entertaining. But it is nothing new. It was just that people were more sensitive to notice what has been there all the time. That certain children are intuitive, that certain children don’t conform.

Children who don’t conform, and who use other senses and need/use other methods of learning, who are auto-didact (self-taught), who are highly sophisticated and intelligent, who may show signs of aspberger or hyperactivity, are just children who need to be able to do things differently.

For too long, the school system and general society has imposed too many rules and tried to form people in the exact same mold. Recognising that there are “indigos” is to recognise that some children are more talented but have special needs to have more freedom and need to express themselves than others.

One could argue that these children are exercising more of the Luciferian archetype, of rebelling against conformity and archaic rules that serve no purpose for an artistic and creative child who tends to learn much quicker and has a highly active persona.