Language is capturing thoughs in little prisons called ‘words’.

Meditation is a tool to silence the mind to get rid of all the words that limits thoughts.

When in a state of no-mind, no-words, no-thoughts, you can hear your True Self, your Guardian Angel, the archetype of Lucifer.

This entity is no different from you, but it is your divine self, one that due to the limits of the mundane, and the fact that you are asleep for 23 hours and 58 minutes each day, you cannot easily hear this voice.

This divine self is you on the highest plane, if you will imagine that all things exists on all planes at the same time.

To access higher planes, you can draw the plane down to this plane (as the magickian), or access directly (as the one doing meditation).

The point is that you have to work to reconnect with your True Will, and silence the sea of confusion that pull you away from your true Will.

For instance it is easy to confuse Want with Will.

Take a moment and make a list of 10 things you want in your life.


Then ask yourself the question: Is this something I want out of desire for it, or is there a hidden motive behind it? What is it?

Continue asking in layers, like peeling an onion.

For example, on your list you may have: money. Then you begin to realise you really don’t want money but the things money can get you. Then you realise that the things behind, are something you want because of something else. You might want money to have a vacation to relax, in order to find yourself. Or you might want a new mobile phone so you could impress your friends because you really want positive attention. Etc.

Find out what it is that motivates you on each point.

Then write a new list.