Update 25.08.2013 a newer (better?) version is found here.

This invocation can be performed simply as it is, or together with your other magickal Work. If you want, you can burn some incense associated with the element of Air, or the planet Venus. Use the appropriate god-form if you will, alternatively Lilith (feminine aspect) or Baphometh (Androgynous result of union/annihilation of both aspects of Lucifer)

Number: 9

Color: Blue, Silver, White

Element: Air

Direction: East

On Altar: Incense

Planet: Venus

God-form: Self (Lucifer’s highest manifestation is through understanding of oneself)


O light bearer, O spark of life – come!
Thou who makest men to be gods
Light thou the furnace of mine heart
That the divine flame within
Shall burn away the dross of mine Being!

O thou muse, O thou true voice
Speakest thou in my ear
The beautiful song of my Will!
Come to me even thou
Who art at once Hermes and who art Typhon in the same breath!
Shower me O Pan, O Prometheus, with thine divine light!

I am He
Enki, Lucifer, Absu, Pan, IAO!
I am he who makest men Divine!
Call upon me and I shall purify thine lead to gold!
I shall make thy will perfect and your pleasure among men!

I am here!