Regarding the politics of the Left-Hand Path, or regarding any politics, the Luciferian is not concerned with politics by the same rules as politics in general.

We have seen what political thought, revisionism and divisionism have done to humanity over the years. Luciferianism is about realising the full human potential. Politics is a tool, like any tool it can be used for good or evil.

To achieve the full human potential, we must stop thinking about organising people into groups and hives of like-minded sheep. We are all separate universes, with limitless potentials. Luciferians are humans who have evolved beyond the normal population, regardless of race, politics, religion or sexual orientation.

The proof is in the genius of the Luciferian who realise that conventional political ideas are invalid among Luciferians. Thus, Luciferians learn to respect eachother as they recognise themselves in the other, as if their souls were separated millenia ago. Luciferians however still have remnants of the ancient chains that enslaved the soul, the limitations of the mundane life of the enslaved people who, for various reasons but what can essentially be described as ‘being asleep’, do not realise their full human potential.

If we look at the ‘human potential’ and see how the world is today, one can argue that Luciferians have evolved beyond ‘human’. But that is beside the point.

The LHP itself often fail to understand that calling yourself ‘Satanist’, ‘Luciferian’ or a ‘LHPer’ is not enough, you must truly evolve. And this evolving is demonstrated through your actions, and how you set your example.

It would be tempting to look at mundane things with Luciferian eyes. And delve into the murky waters of international state of affairs, to comment world events as they happen, or pour some gasoline on conspiracy theories, ad nauseum, but alas.

Alas, the world is full of shit, and some of the powers that manipulate collective reality, use methods of manipulation and terror that taps into the most primitive and cowardly aspects of human beings.

The whole LHP genre is filled with insecure people who know they are different, who are trying to break out of the shell of ignorance. They flock up in internet communities, because it is a safe place to explore alternative ideas, behind a computer screen. They can find sites like The order of the Luciferian Sword, like I did, or stumble across MySatan or SIN. It doesn’t matter where people end up, there will be the possibility of endless debate over religion vs atheism, over worship of deities or no worship, debates about who should be defined as the ‘authority’ on LHP or aspects thereof, and influences from different ‘masters’ and ‘prophets’ are discussed with the same zeal among atheists as theists alike.

I am glad people are trying to break out. It is the first step in realising that everything you have been taught when growing up is wrong. That schools, priests, the government, your neigbour, the mailman – are all part of the prison to which you were born into. Unless you were lucky and was born into a family of occultists or mystics who showed you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I don’t mind when the world goes to hell. Well, yes a part of me does – I feel sad whenever bad stuff happens. Yet for every natural disaster there is hope that maybe – just maybe – this time all the bad stuff can be washed away and we can re-start humanity on a new path, a blank page and begin from scratch.

My webpage is a soapbox, traditionally a wooden crate used to elevate any joe on the street who wanted to say something to the public, often an impromptu speech in a park. The internet is that park, or bazaar, or market, that some people can walk by and hear the voice and maybe recognise something that touch their inside – that maybe they too feel the same way.

I am humble to the fact that while I may not have all the answers, I chose to stick my head up and be there, and offer that voice. Sometimes I get down from my box and go around and listen to other voices. Most are just idiots, but sometimes in a ton of sand you can find a grain of bright, shining gold.

When I see people struggle with their park of soapboxes, I tend to think that it is amazing that in a LHP forum, basically 99% still behave like sheep. It’s not the admins fault that people behave like this, but it is his responsibility to recognise the fact, and to manage that park is necessary to attract the few among the few that really makes such a site work, and put some quality into it.

It’s like a garden that needs tending. If you don’t tend it, bad weeds will outgrow the roses and the lilys.

Why then, waste time arguing with weed.

Yet Luciferians are still frustrated when the sheep sleepers don’t listen. Yes Mabuz, you can knock all the sense you want into people, but this change you’d like to see, must come from within themselves. You will no doubt – like me – want to see people you know and people who you love – if only they could realise what it is on the other side. It is hard to let loved ones stay behind in ignorance. You can’t convert them. Telling what you know to the un-initiated ear is like telling a lie.

For sure, I think people must have an initiatory experience, that fundamentally change their lives, in order to have the chance to evolve into someone who is spiritually and mentally ready to live as a Luciferian (or similar level of other mystical/esoteric tradition).

Some people are born different (compare to “Indigos“)  with certain capability they realise from the start, some may not realise until adulthood.

Ultimately you may be reading this and realising you are different. Your next step is to find others who have come out of the shell, to find out and by being exposed to things you ‘recognise’, you activate ‘hidden memories’ of your true self. Once you begin practising whatever it is you need to do, whether that thing is yoga, tai-chi, ritual magick, inner alchemy or initiation, you begin piecing together the puzzle of what was once whole.

Already you may have begun the change to your full potential, or as I say: “Being more than human”, but ultimately you are the supreme authority of your universe, nobody should tell you how to do things, you can only be inspired by others, you walk the walk and talk the talk yourself.

Join a group? Only when you benefit from being in a group, preferably where you find mutual useful exchange of valuable ideas, resources, etc.

Never forget that you alone are responsible for your own development, and you will find many allies that can help you if you demonstrate the correct quality of an evolved person.

Participate in a forum? Yes, go – participate all you want – just realise to separate the weed from the good stuff, and enjoy the beauty of those around you who shine from their own light – the light of Lucifer.