I maintain a blog. This is where I channel some of my energy into what hopefully will be useful to people. Some people say my blog is huge, it’s actually not, but the number of articles and categories may be overwhelming for the first-time visitor.

So why have a blog on the internet as a Luciferian? It’s mostly for me to have a place to communicate my progress in self-discovery about what Luciferianism is and why I am a Luciferian (or how I chose to identify as one).

I am working on the Lucipedia page (Luciferian Wiki) that will some time in the future document the axioms of a Luciferian.

The main axiom for writing a blog is that you have to understand that the internet is a public place, where what you do is visible for years, and will be broadcasted to many people. Keeping things simple and direct is important, as well as posting only useful articles.

I also want to work with only positive energy. That’s why I say I will keep things simple instead of using a negative phrase such as “not writing too long articles”. Practice what you are all about, do it right, do it with confidence and honesty, with the aesthetics that you can identify with, and so useful that you as the author would return to read your own posts.

My work is in many areas of expertise, some of which are mundane, others more interestingly part of my own integral work of inner alchemy and Magick of various kind.

The tools of the trade are as such:

LuciferianBlog –  my online blog with the sublime purpose of letting myself experience and experiment with expressing myself as a Luciferian, in a context normally not possible in the normal or even the esoteric society, thus freeing me of social context and settings, while allowing for some insight into (an aspect) of my persona. I also act on many social networks such as the LRS and MySatan and participate in discussions, forums, and making new friends and allies. Expressing the Microcosmos side of being Luciferian.

Luciferian axioms: The Creative. Embrace the dyad. Embrace the simple.

Toodledo – the tool I use for keeping track of any tasks that has to be done, combined with the GTD(r) method. The method provides that I make small decisions and break down projects into actionable tasks. Todledoo combined with GTD ensures that my tasks are done efficiently and accurately and on time, and that I am doing only what I should be doing at any given time. Also ensures that I am working on a feedback of positive energy because people are satisfied with my work, and more importantly, I am satisfied with my work.

Luciferian axioms: The doer. The enabler. The thinker.

Lucipedia – the Wiki I help run that is designed for expressing Luciferianism. It allows for the culmination of collective knowledge that is relevant to Luciferianism, and as a wiki project, it is constantly expanding and developing, refining itself by the positive interactions by experienced Luciferians who funnel important topics and collaborate together to help provide the fundamental reference point for modern Luciferians to learn, work, and interact. The Macrocosmos of being Luciferian.

Luciferian axioms: Express the human potential. In concordance. Embrace the whole.

Ritual Magick – in Hermetic and Western Magickal tradition, it offers insight into the inner realms of the psyche, as well as ancient egregores and archetypes, and all the other things that can’t normally be rationally explained by science. There is little doubt in my mind that most phenomena we encounter in skrying, divination, or invocations, can be explained scientifically some time in the future. Magick works. If you do magick properly, it will work. It is part of the process of inner alchemy, outer alchemy, personal development, and purifying the lower self, to excel as the higher self.

Luciferian axioms: Embrace Magick. Embrace growth. Go beyond.

Evernote – because I interact in many different areas and points-of-contact, I need to take notes, copy/paste stuff, edit, and generally take a lot of notes. And I need to ensure that the stuff I work on is available in a searchable archive and synchronized to a lot of devices and computers including my smart phone.

Luciferian axioms: Feet in both worlds. The thinker.

Ubuntu – the Linux-based operating system that is free and open source and is not affected by viruses or spyware (1), because I grew up with computers before the internet, I am used to and feel comfortable in a programming- and hacker-friendly OS that I can control. The more flexible and open, the better an operating system for a Luciferian. Plus Linux is vendor-independant and community-driven. The performance vs hardware is far superior, and I can squeeze much more power out of my laptop, with just 2 GB I can run multiple desktops and multiple virtual machines at the same time, and do complicated work requiring a lot of CPU without noticeable decrease in performance. Stability and security is essential to any creative and productive person, especially Luciferians.

Luciferian axioms: No limits. No master but self.

Chaos, Zen and Gnosis – contradicting philosophies that I enjoy in particular, not just limited to these, for the purpose of exercising the body, mind, and soul in the art of applying different and varied philosophies to appropriate situations, and learning to find which situation is appropriate, or, sometimes, when all are. Everything exists as an emanation of Chaos and infinite possibilities. Chaos Magick is the active approach, while Zen is the passive approach to it. In Zen, everything is questioned, even existance itself is reduced to nonexistance and mind is reduced to nothing, as in no-mind, beginner’s mind. Gnosis is not just the realisation or identification with the ‘all’ after meditation or sexual orgasm. Gnosis is not just simply Zen enlightenment. Gnosis is also when I confirm that this world is not real. That we need to take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes. That the illusion of the mundane world is a fake, and that reality is not nicer, but it sure is where I want to be.

Luciferian axioms: The philosopher. The wise. No boundaries. Embrace the whole.

1) The security-concious will correctly know that all operating systems are vulnerable to different attacks, just that Ubuntu/Linux generally are more secure than Windows so they normally can function without antivirus software, which is unthinkable with Windows.