What unites Luciferians? How can we define all the things that makes us different from Satanists, when we spend most of the time focusing how many different styles of Luciferians there are?

As made famous by Crowley “Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law” aka 93, a mantra often adopted by Satanists, in our case we want to elaborate that this mantra is not a license to do things without consequences, but it’s a reminder that with great freedom comes great responsibility.

We don’t want to get too tied up to Crowley or Thelema, but since he’s got a bible, and we don’t, then Crowley’s bible becomes as good as anybody’s when it comes to handing out quotes. Maybe our interpretation will be that the Book of the Law / Liber AL is just HIS way of expressing his freedom. After all, Crowley forbade the discussion about the book, maybe it’s a signal that we should all make our own books.

But then the argument comes into play again which has been raised before, which basically boils down to herding cats, if everybody wants to do their thing, what unites us?

1) Freedom, your own realisation of it, and the responsibility that comes with it

2) Lucifer as inspiration, archetype, template, association, whatever you call it but it has to be Lucifer or Luciferian, and the intelligence, artistry and ingenuity that follows it,

3) Respect for yourself, and nature all around you including other beings, including the empathy and healing / healthy things that comes out of it and these three axioms are the only criteria neccessary to call  yourself a Luciferian.

Could it be just this simple?