Creating a wiki, an online encyclopedia, is no simple endeavour. While some Luciferians find that discussing online can be fruitless, perhaps being present in some forums around the net creates a political presence to act as a counterweight against other culture, but who is it really useful to, and to what end? To prevent Luciferians from exhausting their energy, they should not spend so much time as politicians trying to recruit voters, as work together to define what Luciferianism really is.

I think we will always be in a minority unless a miracle happens and everyone on earth thinks like an indigo. Until that time we have better conserve our resources, and focus it on defining the myriad aspects of Luciferianism that deserve attention, the kind of attention that definitions have never had.

When I think of wikipedia, our model reference-point, I think of what has been basically a huge success for the mundane people. Whenever they want to look up any subject, they can be sure to be able to research it on Wikipedia. Even esotericists can find useful information on Horus or many other topics that are relevant to their work.

The attention and detail that has gone into creating those articles has passed a cross-section of different people, and are attuned to the general accepted norms of society.

But our very own Lucipedia will not cover Horus except if there is a Luciferian perspective that needs to come through, and that the reader can be sure is carefully edited by Luciferian hands, attributing such attention that is worthy of Luciferianism, to create more than a definition, to be a lifeline to a living tradition of Luciferians who think, act – and ultimately are – different by nature, but are conveying information that is important – maybe to all of humanity.

We’re not tree-hugging hippies.

That archetype is reserved for a merely one-sided dimension of having respect for nature, and being the enlightened being that people recognise as spiritually enhanced.

The past has brought many and bad associations of typical words that are anchored in people’s mind such as “New Age” or “enlightenment”(as in Zen).  So our work is not to perpetuate stagnant and/or culturally imposed mental associations or images that are attached like stale baggage to every word, but to release the words and definitions of their old weight and limitations, and free them from oppressive thought-patterns, and re-shape, challenge and inspire to not only know the existing definition of the world, which is readily accessible to all people in front of a computer, but to begin to write the definitions of the future.

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