Hello all,

It’s been a busy week this week, while last week I was busy creating the Lucipedia wiki, this week was more introvert while I still managed to find time to discuss on the Luciferian Research Society.

Easter holidays is setting in which for me means time off from work, and I also take the chance to visit friends and also next week do gnostic rituals.

I just realised how terrible it is to watch mundane news. I try to avoid it whenever I can. Seeing how ridiculous the news is brings out the humour side of me, since I remember one show by Bill Bailey, where he made fun of CBS and BBC, “where the BBC sounds like some kind of apocalyptic rave”.  I think it is kind of sympathetic towards Luciferians.

So here it is, for your meditation and enjoyment, the performance by Bill Bailey, the BBC News countdown – apocalyptic rave version.