I see this line of argumentation often in occult forums. First, someone suggest a system/tool/ritual or mythos to work with as part of gnostic/alchemical work. Second, someone points out they don’t like this system/tool/ritual Thirdly, some kind of agreement appear that the occultist/practitioner/initiate/Luciferian can use whatever system among many, and that what system or style you use is a personal choice. But, rarely do I see anyone argument why a western practitioner should stick to western mystical symbolism, or discussing the more pragmatic and practical method of use. For myself, Qabalah is something I work with as an initiate in a hermetic order who happen to use Qabalah, among Egyptian, Enochian and eastern systems, which means that I can co-relate against other known systems, but for simplicity Qabalah is chosen as the base reference system since it resonates most easily to western traditional esoteric practice that has been built up in the collective consciousness since centuries ago. To make the argument that Qabalah is abrahamic and therefore RHP = bad, then the accuser has made the mistake of ignoring the benefit of using a well-defined and known system as a model where the meaning is to transcend it. It is the same method in every system, although the majority of people misunderstand the deeper meanings of the mystic symbols, that the purpose of rules and limitations is because we are so hard-wired to order and control, that it is a good place to start in reprogramming our reality to experience the planes and possibilities beyond.