Today, April 11 at 11:11, the new wiki called “Lucipedia” was officially inaugerated.

Lucipedia will be the starting point to refer to documentation of different aspects of Luciferianism that have never been systematically collected and organised into a working encyclopedia before.

Until recently, information on Luciferianism have been scarcely publicised in books or scattered around the internet in various semi-closed forums and social networking sites, often in the context of heated discussions or in a forum where people are confused about Luciferianism or discussing a range of topics.

Now, we provide this information from the Luciferian point of view in the form of an online encyclopedia running on the same software as Wikipedia (though not affilated with Wikipedia).

The initiative comes from members of the Luciferian Research Society who decided that it was about time to being documenting Luciferianism in a central location.

Everyone will be able to access, and link to the new Wiki, unrestricted and for free.

Discussions or contributions will be provided via information on the main page, where conditions may change, but for the time being, only select individuals have write-access for administrative and editorial purposes.

Interested people can contact me via luciferianblog at gmail dot com for information. Send us your articles or suggestions. You may Join the LRS to be more involved, see the link section.

Donate to our project via the Paypal link found on the site.