It’s been a busy week, getting ready for the big launch on monday.

For the first time Luciferians will have their own encyclopedia in the form of a wiki called

Luciferians are believed to be few in numbers, so whenever our presence grace the likes of Satanic or Occult forums, we are often outgunned and outnumbered. Sifting through the interwebs I can sometimes distil some useful insight into Luciferianism, but until now that information has been scattered in discussion forums, sliced, deprived of a context or a relaxed language, as debate and twisting threads often complicate reading and undermine its message.

Imagine linking to a great article that once and for all passionately arguments against any association between ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Satan’, and then having to link to… well, that travesty is soon to be in the past, yea, it reminds me of the Dark Ages of the internet before Google or search engines.

Other articles and discussions that are great are hidden inside social groups and closed outposts of the internet often unrelated to our “pure” understanding of Luciferianism. Well, no longer just that!

People will still enjoy discussing Luciferianism in social media and on MySatan, but now Luciferians can themselves build up a solid database of associations and keywords that will for the first time document Luciferianism centrally and not biased by non-Luciferians, or any particular angle of Luciferianism, but through the collective work of Luciferians working together to provide a broad insight to the diverse Luciferian universe.