Phase 1: (completed) The establishment of – the new wiki for Luciferians

The long-awaited Luciferian Wiki is well underway. Members of the LRS – Luciferian Research Society – are collaborating on the project, which will be the new official collection of data on luciferianism, much like a dictionary or the famous Wikipedia. Now, for the first time on the internet, Luciferians will have a Wikipedia-style wiki of their own.

Phase 2: Development

The site is still under development. I have the role as system admin, and Mabuz Luciferi will be one of the first moderators as we go into launch. More moderators will then be added as the LRS establishes the formal structures as we grow. The idea is to be inclusive, so essentially any Luciferian can contribute in the form of articles, maintenance and so on. We will make it possible for non-moderators to submit articles for review also, and all people will be able to donate financially regardless of their position, and will be able to do so anonymously by default.

A donation button will be visible on the site soon, but for now donations can be sent via Paypal to:

Any help is appreciated, please check in the forum at LRS to participate in the discussions. I will create some initial logo and artwork, but I would like it to be replaced with more skillful handiwork as I am not a designer but more of a technical architect.

So then,

Phase 3: Launch date of beta version

The site will launch officially on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 11:11 CET, which will then be a period of some beta testing which will last for around three weeks. When the time is right, we go into full production, and we’ll ensure a fast, professional and directly useful resource for Luciferians and those who study Luciferianism or for anyone, for that matter, interested in authentic information on Luciferianism.

The rules of the land – Policies and procedures

We’ll have as few rules as possible, we don’t want to get into the way of Luciferian creativity or diversity. However :

1) to protect Luciferianism and Luciferian resources, all content on Lucipedia must be related to, or in the context of Luciferianism or in general serve the Luciferian community.

2) for the same reason, we will not have ads on our site, except for ads that promote Luciferian knowledge, aspects, culture, art, information etc related to Luciferianism, or to people who want to support the Luciferian community.

3) all activity on Lucipedia must be respectful to other users, and be professional much in the same way Wikipedia governs interactions with the notable exception of 1) and 2).

Let’s see if we can make this work with as little rules or administration as possible.