Referring to my previous post where I discuss my experiments with Enochian tablets, I found that changing from Earth+Water to Air+Fire actually killed the Lucid dream, I did in fact not dream at all. Plus I could not sleep until 0300 am. But strangely for me I could get up at 0700 am without being sleepy. And at work I had an insanely effective day, I did not one, but three big audits (ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001) on a single day plus meetings plus reports plus a normal functioning working day.

It’s too early to know anything for sure, so I will be experimenting further, then after some more weeks of rigourous data-collecting, I could post my results with a bit more certainty.

For now, I just think its fun to post the results so far, although they are not conclusive (or scientific in any way).