As a Luciferian, I am concerned with philosophical thought, but sometimes I get the sense that our goal is not to merely analyse .. and debate … but to make use of our abilities. Just so we don’t forget. We were, somehow, granted special talents, and while it is informative to find out which group of philosophy that rocks my boat, my concern is learning as much as possible about myself and using my special talents to the fullest potential.

To do this, I must strive in all ways with the following objectives:

  1. Control of the physical existance. One cannot do much if one is not materially and financially secure. I have taken steps to attract wealth so I can function at the basic level, freeing up as much time as possible to do what I really want to do. I exercise and keep myself healthy.
  2. Balance of the non-physical existance. Working at the psychological level, manipulating Qi, martial arts, magick and alchemy is part of the integral skills and tools needed to evolve. This is a work in progress.
  3. Realising true Will. By various methods of work and initiation realise my true potential. This is the ultimate goal, which is a work in progress, and largely dependant on the success of 1 and 2.