Keeping a dream-journal, or just a simple notebook by your bed, you can record your dreams before you automatically forget, as long as you write down everything you remember immediately when you wake up. Doing this over some time, you can gather great insight as to what your dreams are and what your subconscious is trying to tell you. I found that until recently, I only rarely had a lucid dream, that is to say, a dream where I feel consciously awake while inside the dream. Recently I discovered something that made every dream not only vivid and scarily alive, but having the side-effect that I can remember every detail without having to write it down. I am doing more research around this, like most discoveries mine was also by accident.

People always told me that you should never keep Enochian Watchtowers up for any extended time, and never ever try to sleep in a room with the tablets up. Since I do Enochian magick regularly, I feel quite comfortable with these tablets, although their energy and their egregore sometimes is .. strange. A week ago I had finished a ritual involving all of them, and not bothered to remove the Earth and Water watchtowers, respectively. Since the room I use for my temple work is also my bedroom, and since I sleep with my head facing West, over me was the Water tablet, and to my left the Earth tablet. That night, I had extremely vivid dreams, very typical Earth-related thematic, dealing with mundane matters, but in an almost prophetic way. . waking up I could remember every detail with no problem, even throughout the day.

Needless to say, there has been some strange cases of “Little Nasties” but just slightly more than usual.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice, except in my bedroom. Apparantly just for the hell of it, I slept another night with the tablets up, and lo and behold, I had a crystal clear vivid dream, you know the type of dream where you act as though you are conscious and you know you are dreaming, where you go around and explore things that you know are part dream, part reality until the distinction between reality and dream becomes blurred .

The next 5 nights are incredible, every night another ultra-real dream. I mean real as every sound, vibration, smell, feeling, sense of time, I could pack 24 hours of real time experience into a 6 hour sleep session. My last dream now on the 7th day was apocalyptic in the sense that I could see how some changes that will come suddenly in the next 6 months will change things rapidly, as air traffic has to change its mode of operation due to some external force or threat.. I could also see a great rocket, more powerful than anything built so far, in black and red will be launched.

If this is just my fantasy or not, or if it is the placebo effect or not, is too early to say, but my theory is that I have lucid dreams on successive nights after I put up the enochian tablets, not before, and in spite of having tried to have lucid dreams before I could only have them very seldom, now 7 days in a row. The main thing I care about is that I enjoy the phenomena a lot, and take pleasure in assuming it has something to do with the Enochian tablets.

For this night I will put Air and Earth to see if the dreams will change their nature.

Below is a small illustration of the two tablets for Earth and Water I have had on my wall for a week.