I notice there is a lot of mention about the Left-Hand vs Right-Hand Path. And it struck me when I watched Jeremy Crow’s discussion on YouTube about the Left-Hand Path vs the Right-Hand Path, where Jeremy neatly explains, in a nutshell, the difference between the two, as basically one where he LHP promotes the idea of the goal of spiritual development as self-deification, while the goal of the RHP path is to unite, in some form with ‘god’ or whatever deity rocks your boat.

I couldn’t agree more about the simple definition as a mean of explaining the semantics, but when it comes to what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, I couldn’t help but think that this world-view of you-are-either-this-or-that is somehow not flexible enough (for my taste).

What if I want to do BOTH  at the same time, that there is really no difference between my divine nature, and the pleroma (the ‘all’) and what if I recognise that any divine nature I have is not limited to myself, but is included in all things, past, present and future.

It is not wiping out my ego, it is mnot wiping out my unique person, it is saying that I am unique, and at the same time, spiritually connected to all things. I am neither separate from, or completely comprised of, everything that is in the universe.

This semi-condition of having a unique physical presence in time/space, in a fragile physical body, fused with the knowledge and awareness of my higher spiritual faculties, negates any notion that my physical and animal nature is all there is. Spirituality and feeling one with Nature and the Universe is part of belonging – knowing my rightful place in the universe.

So some people go left, some go right, I just do whatever I need to be doing without thinking in terms of left or right.