A colleague of mine, (who incidentally happens to dress mostly in black), came into my office yesterday and to my surprise announced he is exploring Luciferianism, after he had listened to the infamous Zeena LaVey And Nikolas Schreck Interview with the pro-Christian advocate Bob Larson. I have listened to it myself some time ago and found the interview to be quite interesting. Not only is this an epic interview which goes into the fight of Satanism vs Christianity (as Bob Larson has it), but certain people, I think only a small part of the population, will really listen and understand the interview with an open mind, thus being enriched and inspired to look deeper. Because one who listens with an open mind will see that Zeena and Nikolas are correct, and Bob just uses nonsense arguments and comes out of the whole thing as the sore loser. So I think this is what happened to my colleague, in that some people will understand and react to this interview and then discovering their Luciferian nature. Because while we know this is primarily about Satanism, and the interview objects are of the LaVeyan disposition, nevertheless I can sense that the instinctive self-discovery of my colleague is a strictly Luciferian experience.

This made me think that while the distinction between Satanism and Luciferianism must be clearly drawn, we can presume that an individual going through the kind of personal transformation that results from going from a judeo-christian worldview to a LaVeyan Satanist worldview, it is a quantum-leap in the direction towards Luciferianism regardless of your political beliefs are on Luciferianism, especially since each individual will probably take a few years to process and further develop into his/her unique style of philosophy based on self-reliance and the ultimately Luciferian guiding principle of self-realisation and awareness.

Realise it is not everyday people come into my office proclaiming they just realised they are Satanists.

So the natural thing to do was to refer to the Luciferian Research Society and the Order of the Luciferian Sword (especially the article about Lucifer and Indigo Children. In this case my colleague had already read the works by Nancy Ann Tappe who first coined the term ‘Indigo’ used in this context of a person or child with certain special abilities.

He was grateful and decided to sign up to the LRS, who I notice now has recently celebrated 300 members.

I think its exiting that I can find Luciferians even among coworkers.