Happy New year, everybody.

And congratulations. Sol has entered Aries, marking the start of spring and has long been celebrated as a time of rebirth.Many cultures and religions celebrate or observe holidays and festivals around the time of the March equinox, such as the Easter holiday period. In esoteric terms, the equinox is the time of spiritual rebirth and the beginning of the spiritual year.

The word “equinox” derives from Latin, meaning “equal night” and refers to the time when the sun crosses the equator. At such times, day and night are  of nearly equal length everywhere in the world.

It’s been some time since my last blog entry, and just in that time, many stagnant ideas about nations and nature have changed, some rulers have fallen, and countries who seemed an inpenetrable fortress before, now is the target of the international mob, while another country far away has been hit by natural disasters and a nuclear disaster on a scale nobody could imagine.

To this Luciferian, things are much simpler. Since nothing mundane can last, it is only natural that empires fall to the decay of time. I take pleasure of feeling the energy being released by millions of people realising they are free, and were free from the beginning, from the mental prison. Unaware of the power of imagination and what really is inside the light that shines within, the wave that hit north Africa was a wave of rebellion, that indeed the power of the people determined is invincible.

Of course as you will all learn, that joy is short-lived, since the power-hungry opportunists adapt soon to such releases of energy, and so begins another empire, and the people are fooled into believing another set of instructions and thought-pattern for the sake of control. This cycle repeats every half-century or so.

Of the earthquake in Japan, I have unfortunately sometimes tuned into the cacophony of hapless guessing by news-minions who serve the empires of disinformation, although I deliberately try to avoid such travesties to avoid being angry with the level of stupidity such media drones seem to output. I learned one thing, which is to say, none of the information is really informational. If you know me, I like to make my own estimates and analysis.

One of the things lesser people laugh about is when I go and do something unusual, like obtaining my own  instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity of ionizing radiation, the instrument known as a ‘geiger counter’. Although my body is trained to sense the auras of people, and to some extent, electromagnetic and other energy fields, I find it hard to quantify them. So my geiger counter can give me some indications- just for curiosity – on what materials emit gamma radiation, at which levels, and to see if food that is approved by the government / powers that be are really safe within the levels they tell people.

I got this last year, and everybody said: ‘What do you need it for?’ to which I replied something along the lines of ‘In case of war’ or ‘Just for fun’ which is kind of accurate, since I got it for exploring (fun) and in case of disaster.

I know that the normal background radiation should be around 12 microroentgen per hour (uR/h). If I read 30, that means I am in an area not dangerous by itself, but it is almost 3 times normal radiation. Amazingly I found this area in the city I live in, and did the research, and found it has elevated levels of Radon, a radioactive gas caused by the breakdown of Uranium. It has a half-life of 3 days. It means if you live in a house in that area, you should ventilate well your house and you should be fine. If my geiger ever show 135-200 or 300, I know I am looking at something very active, like the potassium found in some ‘healthier sodium-reduced salt’ where sodium has been replaced with potassium (to reduce soduim levels in your blood). Items with this level is generally OK – as long as you don’t eat or sleep with it.

In Japan, they have levels of around 500 – 1000 uR/h, which is worrying but moreso when stuff like Plutonium or Cæsium enters the foodchain, possibly entering the body, emitting radiation of alpha, beta and gamma inside your body for years. That is when these things can cause a problem.

The mass-hysteria doesn’t inform the people and I can sense there is a lot of information being withheld because they want to control the populations movements, otherwise more people can be killed in the resulting panic.

I learned from my own that the Fukushima power plant was deemed unsafe even for lower levels of seismic activity than the 9.0 level, but they ignored the reports out of greed. This has been mentioned in the media as a footnote.

I learned from my own that the quakes are caused by the fact that for today’s full moon, the moon has entered the closest proximity to earth than in 20 years. As we know, the moon has a great gravitational pull on the earth, such as the tide water, but nobody seems to think that it also pulls on the floating layer of earth crust on top of the melted lava core of the earth.. and the media failed to mention it.

Next year, when the huge solar flares erupt, causing more radiation and magnetic flux, combined with the NASA-expected polar reversal, the north and south polarity that compress the earth will cause more massive earthquakes all over the earth. What magnitude I don’t know, what consequences I don’t know, but intuitively let me give you a mental picture:

10 years ago I visited the northern arctic myself, as part of a cold but self-educational summer vacation. I ventured away from the american and german tourists into the arctic wilderness of barren rock and ice, unarmed, into polar bear territory. A polar bear can run at 50 km/h. I can run at 30 km/h. By mathematical probability I can only fight, not flee, should I be attacked. But I digress. I knocked apart rocks – with other rocks, to open them, to look inside. I was amazed to find fossils of vegetation that was distinctly jungle species. I researched them and found insects and other life from thousands of years ago, that correlate with a sub-tropical climate. So it means a rain forest existed in what is now the north pole.

I like now to remind everyone that I am 30 years old, and I went to the arctic areas in my 20’s. Yes, I am that old/young depending on how you look at it.

Concluding then – my idea of the polar shift – is not a 180 degree shift (why would it be?)

Insert here: people are so used to conformity, they lack imagination to think outside the box.

Returning to conclution: the polar shift can be 30, or 90 degrees. Earth is elliptic because of the attraction of the poles.

What does it mean for 2012?

It means, if you take a completely round football. Now compress the top and bottom half with your hands. Notice the elliptic shape. Have your friend glaze the surface with syrup in random areas. Wait for it to dry. These hardened spots are countries, (and pieces of your stale mind). Now release the grip and place your hands across two different points on the ball, at another angle, let’s say 90 degrees down on both sides.

Watch the hardened syrup crack, displace, and fall off as you compress the football from round to elliptic shape.

This is the future.