Luciferians can also be known as Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and so on.

While these names have different angles and perspectives, and create different associations, they are aspects of the same.

In respect of the archetype of ‘Lucifer, bringer of Light’, we are all these things.

We are so complex personalities, so multidimensional… that we have difficulty relating to mainstream people. I know how even from growing up, I was totally different than my parents, I felt strangely misadapted to their and society’s limited dimensions.

I could speak before the age of two, and I could read and write before the age of four. When I went to school, I could already use math for practical things, although I never learned the stuff the way ‘they’ wanted it to, which meant I never got top grades, although I made my own mathematical language to solve any statistical or mathematical problem. I learned to program computers at the age of 8 and by age 10 I was tutoring the teachers in how to make recursive functions in the Pascal language.

I’ve had relationships that failed, because of the difference in complexity of our personality. If normal people relate to four dimensions as space and time (X,Y,Z and t) then we are five dimensional, I guess, having awareness of space, time and light (lux) where light can be the representation of the 5th element known as ‘Spirit’ or the mystical interpretation of the reconciler between two opposites ‘Air’ (mediator between Fire and Water), or the infinite possibility of light, as a photon has no mass, yet contains a huge amount of energy.

I’ve not yet found the right person to spend my life with.

There’s been many women, even more men, but only once did I date someone on my level. It didn’t work out with him either. It was the best two weeks of my life, but alas, the complexity also exist between our own kindred. This explains the diversity that is found among Luciferians.

If we could pick and choose we would choose the easy way out. No way our path is easy, nor do we choose the pain that follows it, but it is in our nature.