I read the case against Luciferians worshipping entities, by Mabuz Luciferi and decided to comment on the arguments to consider when considering the worship of entities.

Luciferians and knowledge

Luciferians are people of knowledge. Knowledge is however, not limited to intellectual mathematical understanding, nor having experienced something of a material nature. I am referring to direct knowledge in what is contained neither intellectually or physically. Mystical knowledge and gnosis obtained by serious study and meditation can offer experiences that are as real and tangible to the initiate as the answer to Fermat’s theorem or a sexual orgasm. What better way is this idea illustrated than in Julius Evola’s “Abraxas: Knowledge of the Waters“. Readers are encouraged to take the care to read the full article only in a relaxed and meditative state, to fully appreciate its mystical interpretation. Knowledge can be expressed on many levels.

Entities as symbols and archetypes

Carl Gustav Jung, considered by many to be the father of modern analytical psychology, also famous for his work with archetypes often emphasized the importance of the alchemist’s quest for the “philosopher’s stone”, which could transmute base metals into gold; a metaphor for the spiritual transformation of the self.

Psychiatric analysis was a form of alchemy, he claimed, and each of the alchemist’s ingredients had a psychological equivalent. In this regard, iron was courageous and passionate, while tin was truthful and lofty. The element of Mercury, seen as the toxic, deceptive, transformative element which made the union of opposites possible, was by Jung’s definition, representative of the collective unconscious.

At a conference in Switzerland in 1951 he explained various examples of what he considered to be the phenomenon of classical synchronicity. He presented this as evidence that psychic ability, which occurred both in dream states and the waking world, not only influence but are influenced by the collective unconscious on concurrent planes of symbolic and physical manifestation, often superseding our fixed notions of time, space, and the likelihood of statistical probability. His respected work on the controversial area of synchronicity is arguably the most important supplement that legitimate parapsychology has ever received.

Entities in magick

Further work on the alchemical path, through which many tools exist such as ritual magick, the operator, known as the magickian, uses his various ability of conciousness and collective conciousness, symbolism and other methods enabling him to integrate and work with symbols and forces that exist on other planes. One good example is the different psychological traits of a human beings personality, symbolised by earth, wind, fire and water. A proto-masculine character would be that of fire, having the typical broad-shoulder V shape, while the intellectual airy type will be slender, the earthy type big and bulky. But in reality, people are influenced more or less by all the elements and are such unbalanced. The magickian could invoke a certain element, such as water, by means of all the different methods of associating with this force, to integrate it and balance it against his current mix of elements. I am not talking about physical fire or physical water, but the symbolic and universal forces that are embedded in all things in nature.

One can say the elements are dead, and therefore not an entity. Well, you could by means of magick create what is known as an Artificial Elemental, which is a symbolic representation of your Will. The Luciferian will choose to pretend this is a living being, or not, depending on his taste, but the more pragmatic Luciferian will know that the work is being done within the psychological realm of conciousness and shared conciousness, where the limit between the self, the Ego, and the outside, the Macrocosmos, are blurred.

To worship an entity is to invest your energy in that entity, or sometimes, to achieve communion with that entity to accomplish a goal where the entity can be perceived as being part of you, sometimes it is the integration of that entity, such as a person who has not known love, or who is unable to feel love because deep inside he doesn’t love himself. He could do a Venus ritual, (or to any other archetype which means the same) planning this ritual to the same respect he would plan a wedding, fasting for a week and abstaining from all kinds of sex, obtaining rare materials and items to carry the ritual out, perform ritual bath, and invoke Venus with masturbatory sex magick thus creating psychological and spiritual imprints that can cause fundamental change in that person. This is the essence of magick, and I think it can be explained rationally by the view of magick and alchemy as an advanced (but archaic) form of psychotherapy, or if you like the fun version, to think that you invoked Venus and have been bestowed gifts that were external to you given by an entity. My point is that if done correct, the result will be the same. And if choosing to believe will make the ritual more elegant or effective, then so be it. Maybe in the process, that entity does exist because the Luciferian has successfully created this entity in his universe, drawing on the collective subconciousness, making the symbol more sublime and powerful.

Slavery is to be ignorant and go about wasting your love or hate on something or someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Slavery is wasting your energy on something resultless, that which does not benefit anything, or anyone.

To worship should be an act of love, to love yourself is the highest worship.  It is not by itself a master/slave contract, it is not imprisonment but liberation from the limit of the self. Love is the most powerful direction of will, as is its anti-particle, hate.

Love is best invested in yourself, and should be dealt out sparingly. Also limit the energy you spend. Done wisely, the expenditure of energy can give profound results.