The Dalai Lama once said that he is first human, secondly a monk, thirdly Tibetan(1).

As a Luciferian, I too am first human, realising as other humans do that life is a bitch. Put bluntly, of course. It is first after this realisation that humans attach moral interactions with reality such as having the firm inclination to see positive things in whatever shit that happens. I am all for positive thinking. The cycles we experience in life are apart of the cycle: birth, death, rebirth.

If you are familiar with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram you recognise the IAO formula embedded in this ritual.

  • Virgo – Isis (creative)
  • Scorpio – Aphophis (destructive)
  • Sol – Osiris (restorative)

Recent years have seen positive thinking through self-improvement programs like “The Secret” and its myriad of spin-offs. I am all for the revival of hidden knowledge. At least more people are aware of how they are themselves responsible: “all the shit in your life is dragged into your life by you“. Moral inclinations again interfere with this realisation too, because why should there be pain? On having mastered the understanding on how karma [as in consequence of your actions] are realised fully, still, one fails to understand why there is pain and suffering.

So we try to find positive things in shit that happens.

As a Luciferian, you are human too and shit happens. But do not assume things happen for a reason. I mean, they happen for a reason [as in consequence] but not for a reason [as in punishment or reward for something] unless it is a consequence. How to separate this, is to realise that consequences [the way things turn out] are real, and moral values [the way things should be] are not.

Do you believe in destiny, that everything is pre-decided? Or do you believe in free will? Do you even know what true Will is?

If you are human, you will tend to adapt and jump around these assumptions more or less random.

If you’re a Satanist, maybe you stick with one.

If you’re a Luciferian, you are aware of all the conditions of assumptions and try to transcend them. Sometimes you marvel that something you can call ‘fate’ has smiled to you, at the same time knowing, you dragged all the shit into your life, and you realise also that if you can get this herculean pile of shit in, you clearly not only possess great power but can just as easily bring that shit out.

The worst enemy of yourself is doubts and regrets. They are powerful signals that you need to be more in control of your plans, actions and learn from the consequences that arise.

Once you control your plans, and your actions, you can control fate.

1) In the book “Ethics for the New Millennium”:

I am, however, Tibetan before I am Dalai Lama, and I am human before I am Tibetan. So while as Dalai Lama I have a special responsibility to Tibetans, and as a monk I have a special responsibility toward furthering interreligious harmony, as a human being I have a much larger responsibility toward the whole human family – which indeed we all have.