Jeremy Crow is another Luciferian. A musician, occultist and an intuitive reader, and founder of the Luciferian Research Society, providing a wealth of information about Luciferianism, and has created opportunity for discussion and the interchange of ideas on his website, which attracts Luciferians and others searching for their paths or just curious people.

On his website “Aphotheosis” – we find articles on the Gnostic Lucifer, some Magick and occult discussions, and information about tarot readings. There is also podcasts with participation from other people. I’ve listened to the last one at the time of writing, part four, which is mostly devoted to tarot reading, but provides some other interesting aspects with a unique musical backdrop.

Themed in a slight “Satanist” theme, with red, black and white, with some influences from Aleister Crowley, Sex Magick, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Witchcraft, Enochian magick, and different symbolism… which gives association to a sort of wicca+pagan+OTO hybrid, with a luciferian gnostic twist to describe the style according to my impression so far.

Jeremy on “What is a Luciferian”:

You simply decide to be a Luciferian. You could also realize that you have been Luciferian for quite some time, and embrace that. You don’t need to receive initiation into any Order or baptism into any Church. You, and you alone determine whether you are a Luciferian. This is fundamental, because Luciferians tend to be very self-deterministic. Notice that I didn’t say that all Luciferians value self-determinism. That’s because there is no dogmatic set of beliefs to Luciferianism.
Each Luciferian forges their own personal theory and practise and each is unique. However, there are certain trends that can be detected in the community. Probably the most common trend would be finding inspiration in various world mythologies – especially those that deal with the cosmic rebel and the receipt of forbidden knowledge. Prometheus is an excellent example, and has a lot of parallels with the Judeo-Christian myth of the serpent in Eden.

— from Squidoo: What is a Luciferian

Through his work, which manifests in many different areas such as music, art, videos, podcasts and written articles, one can appreciate the complex and diverse nature of individual Luciferians, and perhaps feel, or sense, the energy which Luciferians in general surround themselves: Creativity and awesomeness! I highly recommend reading his work.