A re-post from a discussion in Luciferian Research Society on a thread about how you express Luciferianism in your daily life. This is my contribution. To read the full thread, see this post (membership required).


I have always felt different, and although occult studies and practice has lead me across many different works of philosophy, the Luciferian path and everything in relation to (our understanding of) Lucifer has resonated the most. In having realised my position, I gather more information, share my perspective, and act as a repository so as to inspire others as I myself am inspired to continue developing this direction.


I never try to convert anyone, somehow it helps to have some symbol or other that people can ask about if they want to, but I like to see people ask me based on my example, if they want to partake in what wisdom is behind how I do things (differently). My message is that of freedom and liberation from everything that limits us, in every way.


I continue reflecting ideas that come from my own inspiration and continue to be amazed about other Luciferians, how beautiful and unique we are, while realising, perhaps privately, that there are many potential more Luciferians out there who have not yet discovered their own path, but as I am convinced many more will follow in the years to come, I am exited to live in the times which I feel are the pioneer days of Luciferianism, and that the things we do, will directly and positively affect mankind in the direction towards this unavoidable evolutionary step.


As all change is painful, It will be painful for humanity to change at the fundamental level. In this time of transition we will see much confusion, but already the few Luciferians that are, are easy to find, as people use the internet, which is not only a technological miracle, but the very physical manifestation of something that enables limitless knowledge and limitless access to our collective mind.

Lucifer is no longer the devil, he has come back to our conciousness to bring us what we long for, which is the end of the stupidity and ignorance, but where we aim for the stars.

In a few years, who will know where this will lead us?