As our genetics are optimised for leaving with nature, we’re reacting to instinct automatically. So when you see someone good-looking, you are attracted to that person, since you know that person has the biological signal of one that is in good health. You may consider this person to mate with, or if your sexual preference negates this possibility, the next impulse will be to read if this person is more or less powerful than you, in case of a fight over power or resources. Finally, your self-esteem comes into play. If there are too much difference, it may trigger a positive or negative response, let’s say jealousy if that person is perceived as more successful than you, or contempt if that person is not as successful as you.

We’re not supposed to eat three or four meals a day on regular intervals. We were never designed to need high-fibre cereals with cow milk to boost our digestion. Rather, we are hunter-gatherers who eat randomly. Wild animals spend a good deal of time in languid rest. They also spend brief periods of highly intense activity. There’s no typical pattern; activities are scattered over the metabolic scale. They don’t get fat or easily ill. We live 60% longer than what we did a thousand years ago. It’s not just about what food we eat, it is that the mineral, sugar, fat and protein are in too high concentration, and not in the proportions that are natural for humans. We may get older, but we are much less healthy.

Exercise should be as varied as terrain, sometimes intense, sometimes not. We are social animals who live in a group of about 25. It is no coincidence that this is the group we thrive best in. What happens is in a group of 25, every individual is important for the survival of the group, and there is an intimate bond among them. No wonder that a school has roughly 25 students in a class. The problem is that in unnatural conditions the social status of students are artificially built and maintained, and the individual talents don’t come forward, since everyone is expected to be equal (we’re not) and perform equally (we do not).

Try to eat natural vegetarian food of high quality. If you enjoy meat, you should eat fresh meat from a healthy animal. The stuff you get in a supermarket may contain meat that has been frozen for over a year. When you buy guacamole to dip your potato chips in, you got to understand how such a product can be stored in room temperature and still have a three year shelflife. It is because it contains less than 20% avocado, the rest is chemicals to keep the product cheap and keep for a very, very long time.

Producers only declare the contents of food as far as the law require. Many things are not declared, or are intentionally misleading. (You think you can buy butter with 0% fat?) You can only trust your food if you have processed it yourself from raw materials. You should invest the little extra time to be very picky about what you eat. Notice after eating selectively only healthy food, you will be a healthy person free from disease, free from fatigue, and you will have more ingenious ideas. Love your own body, and the vessel for your divine presence on earth will serve you well.

Our ancestors never ate all the time. Many plants and seeds were only seasonal. They did not snack along the road. This is the problem today, that you live in constant positive energy levels. It will increase the spikes in your blood sugar, and the body responds by creating more insulin. In the long run, obesity and possible diabetes can occur. Couple that with the fact that many food producers are replacing ingredients with sugar to keep prices low (sugar weighs a lot, thus good for products that is sold by weight, it tastes sweet, so it cancels the bad taste from chemicals, it increases the energy value they can print on the label, and it’s cheap, so it’s a great “filler”).

The Luciferian way of taking care of your health is to honour your animal self by adapting to modern life by mimicking your natural environment as much as possible. Listen to your body and senses, be mindful and awake.

Consider fasting for some 15 hour stretches every three or four-odd days. You’ll be in negative energy balance, this triggers growth hormone which is protein conserving and activates the protective and rebuilding genes that express brain protective factors, heat shock proteins, and many repair and maintenance processes.

Do you remember the last time you were truly hungry?