(this post has been shortened from the original for simplicity).

What I want to do is to coach a regular person who is not a Luciferian or occultist. He or she can even have prejudice against Satanism and Luciferianism, doesn’t need to trust me in particular but should listen to advice and experiment with the advice to build up empirical evidence of what works for them and not. And report the results. I will not suggest anything that goes against their moral or ethical framework, or against others, but perhaps push the boundaries a little.

The person being coached must be atleast open for the fact that they may need to do some exercises that seem unfamiliar, but where they will by own experience understand and take ownership of the knowledge and inspiration that occurs. To make matters simple, I can focus on your need to develop professionally or socially /relationshipwise. The coaching will be free of charge, what I get in return is a living laboratory to prove some of my theories that work. My success is your success.

Timeframe can be 14 days up to 3months depending on some factors, also I will book talk sessions via Skype or some other way of communicating directly. It’s free, it’s a good offer, but I will be picky about my subject. If you pass my approval then I can atleast promise an interesting experiment although I cannot guarantee success, success will be likely. Anyone interested can contact me via my contact info – then include about half a page of a short resume – what person are you and what you want to focus on developing / coping with. (Should be limited to career or personal relations).