It has been said that Luciferians are made up of some of the most diverse there is in any esoteric direction, and we have chosen the most difficult path.

I think it is because we have the ability to choose to integrate any of the other paths, using already modularised off-the-shelves philosophy and occult principles that have evolved for millenia. Sometimes it can be simpler to work with known systems that have been widely disseminated, than to reinvent the wheel. Everyone can do this, it’s just that we do it naturally.

I think some of the confusion among Satanists and others about what the Luciferian path actually is, sometimes resulting in arguments and misunderstandings, will arise from the lack of dogma and hard lines in our own definition of our path. They lack the easy-reference that can be provided by bibles, cult-leaders or lists of theses. Sometimes we lack them, so we go create some. Because we are ourselves also in constant evolution and development, while your brother is different because he’s a Satanist and you’re a Luciferian, what you refer to as your self also differ in time. What you wrote yesterday will feel strange in one year, when your reality tunnel has evolved, and you look back and find that you’re a different person in some respect than you were before, because you have developed. This is a good thing. Your core values will develop in time.

So what are our core values?

My answer is that we as Luciferians can write our own rules, number them, and explain them. Or, like in my own case, I recycled the Luciferian Sword’s principles and added my comments, thus ending up with a synthesis that serve two purposes; one of proliferating the Luciferian Sword, whom I like, second, to give a means of feeling my individual tint to these instructions.

How can we write about fundamentals?

I think some Luciferians will approach this task, but in my case I tend to feel that there is no point of writing about all the fundamentals humanity has already discussed at length for thousands of years unless you in your mind remove duality from the picture. This is where things can get complicated and why the integrated result can be difficult to communicate. It is important that such a core value list is built to point to our special approach to the spark of divinity in ourselves, the Lucifer in us. I mean, ideas should be transmitted artistically and not merely rational arguments that would serve any political campaign.

It’s  important not to alienate other occultists or Satanists by trying to separate too much instead of integrating our different ways. I am not saying we should sit around in circles and sing Cum Ba Yah or anything like that and ‘just get along’ like hippies – there are maybe some important issues that need to be discussed. But to be different just to be different won’t serve the needs of anyone. Our differences should be inspiration to ourselves and others. And be communicated in such a way to give insight into not only our view but their views, enriching the experience of interacting with our occult brethren who chose a different path, but who still are among the few among the masses of old-thinkers who are trapped in the religious mainstream.

People will look at us more and more in the times ahead. And more and more will identify with us and be Luciferians. We must be careful that we do not fall into the dark pit of religion ourselves but strive to work to bring out the essence of our genius and use it for whatever purpose serves us.