When I take a taxi I like to talk to the driver. Not only do I find it more comfortable than awkward silence, but I am easy to talk to, and I find that people open up to me really quickly.

I break the ice with something like: “so – lot of activity this time of day?”

Five minutes later the driver tells me that he uses the same password for his VISA card, online bank, personal computer and everywhere else. I pointed out the obvious problem of this security approach, and gave the solution which is to use atleast three different passwords, use a very difficult one for your most sensitive and secured stuff, then a less complex one for less important stuff, and a very simple one for very mundane things that you don’t care so much for.

He then went on to explain:

“You see, my little kid, he’s a genious. We were out on a restaurant with the family, and when the time came to pay the bill, hiding the code with my hand so nobody could see. A minute later – the little bright boy said: Daddy, I know what your PIN code is. ”

– “How do you know what my PIN code is?”

– “By listening to the numbers you punched in”.

Then it had dawned on him. The dials on the credit card reader gave off different sounds depending on which button was pushed, similar to the DTMF tones in your phone dial. From the sounds it was possible to distinguish between numbers. The final piece of information was that the kid is a musical talent, he plays two instruments.

-“Your kid can read musical notes and visualise music. Phone numbers, especially in a modern phone, are music too. Every phone number is a song”.

For the reader, I have left two exercises that can be done on any modern phone.

Song A

Song B

The next time you reach out and touch someone, notice the melody their phone numbers make. Try to learn it by heart.