It’s never too late to turn around. But if you’re stuck in an avalanche of work, you need the right tools to get out. A modern Luciferian doesn’t work from a Harry-Potter like office, conjuring spells or mixing exotic spices (atleast not on weekdays). The modern Luciferian is well integrated (?) into modern society, and chances are, due to his Luciferian nature that his job is quite demanding. High-power fast-paced work on the top of the food chain, a politician, a master of science, a leading artist all put demanding strain on the animal body.

Of course there are esoteric ways of dealing with this. Modern magickal liquids in the form of carbonated energy drinks, or stress-relieving Yoga classes and help-yourself books.

But sometimes you just need to get the damn job done, practically.

Here is a scenario. You get a lot of stuff on your email, people expect you to act on what is coming in, answer email or there could be tasks buried in mindless crap of information. You also get information form everywhere, from the internet, on your mobile phone, during meetings where you make all the notes of important and not-so-important stuff. You even tend to write little yellow notes on things you should remember or stuff that you want to do – which you never have the time to – because you are always struggling with missed appointments, failed tasks and too much damn work.

Over time, this gets out of hand. Every time you try to organise, by making a system, your task list gets too cluttered, or you loose track of your priorities and your lists get quickly outdated. Meanwhile, all these things accumulate in your head, causing you physical stress. Yes, the very thoughts and worries directly manifest from the thought-world (astral!) to the physical world (mundane!).

So, your health deteriorate and you get even less things done.

The solution:

I have implemented the solution myself for 6 months, and it has saved my (mundane part of my) life.

Not only do I get all my stuff done, I have no stress, plus I’ve almost 1-2 days of my week to spare to fill with other tasks that I want to do.

It all began at a moment of frustration when I decided that there must be a way – some method – of Getting Things Done.

Yes, as I punched in “Getting Things Done” into Google, the answer immediately manifested.

I actually bought the book, which I recommend buying from Amazon or something, although you may be able to find it on some torrent or other illicit download. Regardless of which method you should procure it, or which residual backscatter you will find on thousands of blogs around the interwebz, this book explains the method quite well.

The holy mantra is process. The method itself is simple but worthless if you don’t apply the process to your work.

Here’s a review that pretty much sums up the process itself in simple terms in case you don’t want to buy the book.