In my former post, I explained how sleep is a bad thing that must be defeated.

In the name of non-dualism, in this post, I will explain the opposite.

We all need some hours everyday of physical (real) sleep, because the animal body needs to rest.

Since the spirit is bored when the body is not doing anything useful (other than self-repair and metabolism) this is why you dream. Wether you automatically construct you own universe inside you, an alternate reality of virtual simulation, or if your spirit (some say astral body) go to another place, is an exercise left to the reader to find out.

It is during these times of actual dreaming that we can perform some interesting things. Start keeping a journal of your dreams. Begin collecting information on what your dreams are telling you. I know some Luciferians will be upset when they read occult advice that “angels talk to you in your sleep”. I am a little put off by those kind of mental pictures and preconceptions about angels too but wether you think a flying pink unicorn talks to you, or a mere manifestation of your Jungian archetype of whatever-the-hell it is that is talking to you, that is mere details. Focus on what the message is, never mind the messenger or how the message got there.

Focus on what you need to accomplish before going to bed, too, so you may better direct what happens during your sleep-cycle.

What I am essentially trying to get at, is how you can be more awakened and conscious although your body is resting, your astral body never tires so it can branch off and do useful stuff for you.

Discover speed-reading, read a book into your subconsciousness, then invoke the same book that exists in the astral and let your astral body work it out. Maybe the book has living images and a lot of more features than it had when it was just a physical object. Maybe you can travel into any chapter of the book, see and feel what the book is about. Connect with its authors and their archetypes, have interaction with ideas, symbols, concepts, alternate realities.

When you return to your self, you can try to stay as focused and effective during the day.

But the night has limitless potential.

Most people jumpstart their day with a hideous torture device known as the alarm clock. Yes, your body and soul (if Thou one hast) shudder in recognition.

When physically awakening to a set time, try to use daylight as your natural alarm clock. Your body is made to respond to the daylight of the sun. Therefore, don’t block the sun with curtains. If you must, or must get up at a time asynchronous to the sun, use a wake-up-lamp, a lamp with an alarm clock, that use around 20 minutes of gradually increasing lamp to simulate the same stimuli as the sun’s natural rise over the horizon. Your day will begin with less physical fatigue.

Drink natural water, eat some fresh fruit and begin your day.

The day has limitless potential, too.