A part of making this blog is reflecting on what I will discuss with other people.

1) Discussing with Christian zealots and Satanist zealots is the same

I find it interesting when great opposites collide. The fallout can actually be something unexpected.

But alas, more than often, such as is the case when discussing with a preprogrammed Christian who will drone along the same frightened road of trying to “save” me from myself, while not having the courage to examine basic questions – like, why did Satan and God team up to torture Job in the Book of Job? – Or, if God is Omnipotent and Good, why is Evil permitted? – Is it because God is Evil, or not Ominpotent? And why put the damn tree in the smack middle of the Garden if you can know that in the soon-to-be future, someone is going to nick an apple?

And, alas, more than often, such as is the case when discussing with a preprogrammed Satanist, who wil drone along the same bloated over-confident road, explaining that religious zealots are worthless scum that scour the earth, while promoting their views on Satanism as convincingly as any a religious zealot.

Zealots are zealots.
Good, Bad are in the eye of the beholder.
Angels to some, daemons to other.

2) The good, the bad, and the ignorant

Talking about the necessity of evil, or trying to justify altruism, are like playing false notes in my ears.

You don’t have to justify evil or altruism, since evil and altruism are empty words by themselves. Why? There is no universal “good” or “bad”. Only consequences. I don’t like to discuss universal principles about something that vary according to circumstance. The only general rule that is vague enough to be understood as a rule is “and in harm none, do as thou wilt”. I can relate to statements such as “Because of X, I react with Y”. But I won’t relate to the morale implied or expressed.

Talking about negative freedom and positive freedom are illusions. The word “freedom” suggests its antithesis “unfreedom”. There is no free or unfreedom, except in the mind.

3) Choosing between God and You

Luciferians can reject entities and all forms of religious worship, or not, depending on their needs.


God does not exist.
I am divine, therefore
I am God
Therefore, God exist.

Note also the various archetypes which through neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis or magickal rituals can be invoked to cause some form of change in accordance with Will.