Happy New Year! 2017


Happy New Year, friends and followers!

  • Book project: the book is still in writing, I am working on seeing a release by February 2017. Its going to be awesome.
  • After the book release, I will review the Luciferian Principles, and write another book, then my project with Luciferianism will be complete.

Some comments on new year’s eve:

  • Do not worry about this world’s politics and material decay.
  • Look towards beauty.
  • Harness sexual energy. Look at the Lucifer picture above, it is from the original statue that was deemed “too provocative” because it “stirred feelings”, so they later replaced it with the statue below of a more defeated and troubled Lucifer.

Choose well which version you want to be.


A Poem.

Escape. I am Free, even for a moment, I take some time to walk from Civilization into Wilderness, untouched by Human Hands. Divine Spirits and Lesser Devils are my friend today.

Blue Skies, open fields, I am walking through Golden Sunlight, drawn in by the Forest’s promise of cool shelter and Healing Energy.

As in a trance, I enter the Forest and let Nature embrace me surrounded by Trees whispering wisdom, as birds, green growth, and every living thing greet me as their friend. I arrive at a pond, the black water is still. Suddenly the forest quiets.

Lucifer appears as a beautiful young man, and speaks:

In your journeys in the Mundane World I have been with you, suffered with you, cried with you. Yet as we are now here surrounded by Nature’s perfect harmony — the black Earth is witness to your Pain, it is time for you to Reflect.

I look beside his beautiful body and gaze into a the pond in the forest, and see my reflection in the water. I see Lucifer.

I am He, and He is my Light, the True Light I emanate.

I realize the illusion of the False World, the Artificial World, and the Divided World, that corruption brought forth by the Automaton, the Demi-Urge, the False God, but which also corrupts all that is structure and ruled under the Laws of the Archonts, and the jealous God who threw Lucifer, most beautiful of all the Angels, down into the Earth, to Fall with Earth into Blackness.

But as gold is buried in Earth, this jealous ruler-God could not corrupt the Gold that survived the Flames in the Earth, and could not extinguish the Light that was Stolen from the Gods in Heaven. 

All Sentient Beings long for the Healing of Earth, and its Restoration into its former glory. Lucifer, suffered most for me, because I am Him and He is Me. 

I emerge from the woods, charged by the Lunar energies of the plants, animals and spirits in the Earth and in the Forest.

I go back into the world of Men and Concrete.

But I carry the spirit of Many of Nature and the Earth, and behind my Eyes, Through My Eyes, Lucifer Looks at the World.

It’s time.


Back from a break, and answering questions.

How have you all been? I guess you wondered where I’ve been. I have traveled long and far, and into some countries where the internet is not readily available. Yes there is still places on the planet that are not connected. Places like Tibet, Siberia, Mongolia and the Arctic, to name a few.

I have been a bit to and from more connected places like Norway and Sweden too, and basically been on the road, had little or no time to keep up with this blog.

My most important work right now in terms of Luciferianism, is to finish the book I am working on. It will be my manifestation of the work within Luciferianism, and it will first and foremost be a practical book. I care not so much for academic dryness, my heart burns for dealing directly with the kind of forces involved in such a step:

  • To declare yourself as Luciferian, even just by yourself, is by its own nature, a dramatic step, and it unlocks some powerful left hand path energies, given the nature and stigma of the word “Lucifer” and the society/many egregores that intertwine and project illusions and un-necessary connections between that entity of “Lucifer” and “Satan” (Ha-Shataan).
  • To step into a left hand path, by itself, unlocks energies and changes you.
  • Dealing with the forces from a Luciferian perspective, stepping into an occult mindset.
  • Applying Luciferianism to your life.
  • Becoming a teacher by yourself. to yourself and onto others.
  • And, finally, learning from your mistakes. Mistakes are not due to being Luciferian by itself, but you are bound to make some serious projections, assumptions, and it would be wrong to say that during your journey you will not change your views a couple of times. Just listen to your guardian Daemon.

I got a question in one of my comments about the guardian Daemon.

Do you know anything about the personal Daemon a Luciferian has? This may sound weird but I speak to this entity. He says he is apart of me / connected to me. He doesn’t have a name. Just that he offers me advice. Would this be correct?

My answer to that is, yes, I have a Daemon, he doesn’t have a name but I know him well. It is a he. He sometimes appear as a Wolf, and sometimes as a timeless youth, but an old soul indeed.

He speaks not in parables or in academic terms, citing works nor showing too cryptic enigmas as riddles to be solved. No, he will be more the silent companion who is both a protector and advisor, and one who will not say, but telepathically send “I told you so” whenever you fuck up.


More to come.





Your mind, or your entity


Finally I got a very good question via e-mail, from an old friend from afar. She asks how one should be able to know the difference between experiencing something that is of the Ego, as compared to an experience that is truly originating from an entity outside ourselves.

I am going to answer this from a western esoteric perspective, although many traditions, including Zen will define how ego must be conquered or in some way defeated to reach the realms beyond, and to avoid the traps of self-delusion or ego-driven thought-forms that take on a life of themselves but add to illusion (illusion in the sanskrit word: Maya).

So, to define the difference between something experienced from the perspective of the ego or from the perspective of a true external entity as a teacher, one could look at the following things.

But before I explain, let me also give an option to those of you who consider that there is no such thing as an external entity other than the self. My argument will then be: If that is true, then there is still the option of defining the Self as the center of the Universe, and defining Ego as the part that you are in contact with, while on the other hand there are parts of your Self that contains wisdom inaccessible to you, sourced either from the collective unconsciousness that you absorbed throughout your life, but didn’t process or master, hence you are unable to use it properly.

My take on the world is however, that external entities are real, whether you choose to believe that it is ‘all in your head’ or if it is really there, the consequences are the same.

Same thing about magick. You can believe that by magickal ritual you change the world and thereby the relation to the world, or the opposite, you change yourself and thereby your relation to the world. Either way the same, you change your relation to the world.

First and foremost, let me stress that by doing magick, and doing it really and truly the way it should be (in a proper GD order you would truly be a 2=9/theoricus in a real magickal practical sense, not just the freemason-ish sense), you cannot combine the ego with a element, planet, godform, angel or daemon.

Magick done properly, as in an invocation of an element, planetary force, godform, angel or daemon, will result in that force truly coming to life and supressing the ego, so that either A) a full possession occurs (such as is so easy to happen in african traditions as voodo/hoodoo, which to my western taste is fascinatingly effective but quite tricky to manage to the unexperienced, but oh so easy to work with for the uninitiated), or B) a partial evocation happens where the magickian is slightly possessed and will act according to the Will of the entity or force in question, but regains his subjective reality.

Contrast this to a LSD or mushroom trip where the ego is completely altered or even lost or annihilated in the process, but most of the time regained at a later point so objective un-reality can merge with subjective “reality” and projections/Maya.

I hope this was clear. Not? OK, here is an example.

When doing ZaZen, meditating, the goal is to achieve the moment where your fucking stupid voice stops talking. That is the end of the Ego and beginning of Enlightenment. Somewhere in that fragile state of mind of illumination, you can have experiences of a non-egoistic nature and non-subjective experiences.

When doing magick, as in pathworking, you allow an external force that is not your usual ego, but primordial forces that belong to the cosmos, and to the pan-dimensional, collective extra/sub consciousness, that which belongs to neither time nor space, to come into play and enrich your life.

You can delude yourself from yourself, or even be fooled by lesser astral beings,

To ensure a safe operation and safe interaction with much more powerful entities and guarantee the pure and true operation, is exactly the purpose of ritual/magickal preparedness.

For instance,

Banishing, consecration of the temple by water and fire, all the preparations of the temple, and its furniture, and peculiar lighting, sigils and pentagrams, are there to induce both an altered state of reality, and to magickally and on all levels change the reference point and focus a particular force and/or operation.

The secret law, or reason behind this working is embedded in occult knowledge, and is useless to discuss with non-initiates.

Save only to refer to Hermes in the teaching “As above, So below”.

Anything created in the high level is also created in the low. Anyting created in the low must also exist in the high.

The Ego is just a lower form of un-enlightenement but just as a messy garden, that Ego-personality can be cultivated, and it will reflect change down to the animal self, as well as to the divine self, the astral self, the cosmic, the spiritual, etc.

If this is still unclear, I urge you to really study and work with occultism, until such knowledge occur that you can clearly separate those experiences that do stem from the ego, from those that are external from it, either they come from your higher angel or most spiritual version of you which is nothing like your subjective reality, or from somewhere else.

Good luck 🙂







Update, 20th April 2016

My plans are going well. I have been working a while in the Netherlands. Most of my businesses are growing well, and for this blog, I am getting over a houndred visitors every day, according to the latest statistics.

After April I will focus more on my book again, and I expect at the end of the summer it will be ready. By then I will set up a web shop, where you can buy the book, as well as some other stuff I will be peddling online.

I’ve thought about a new direction for the blog, perhaps it will be more time to write weekly updates.

Soon, a lot of things will change. For the better I should add.


The importance of eating sourdough bread

how_to_make_sourdough_08213_16x9Most traditional food was since ancient times designed and evolved into saving time and evolving our species, but recent modern shortcuts has introduced flaws in this process and creates a health problem. Here is why.

It is very important to eat a healthy diet. One of the things that surprised me, is how simple some changes can be to ensure a healthy body. A modern problem today is that many are suffering from health issues, especially due to their diet. Your diet is the physical body’s sustenance and by alchemical processes its way of obtaining energy thereby staying in existance.

I will now analyze food, especially bread, from a Luciferian perspective, to clear up some issues surrounding the food people eat and the health issues that arise from eating the wrong kind of food.

Animals are also spiritual, just like humans. One could say humans are just another animal. But as far as what is known, humans are the only species on earth that millions of years ago started to cook their food with fire.

Prometheus stole the fire from the gods, or so the story goes. So what really happens when we cook food by the element of fire? An alchemical transmutation happens, and in the case of meat, some 3000+ chemical compounds form, and in the case of bread, many complex starch and proteins starts breaking down.

Why? What is the benefit of cooking?

Some animals that eat raw food, like raw meat or raw high-fibre vegetables, need an incredible amount of time and energy to procure, process and make use of the energy stored in that food.

Because the human animal developed and evolved into a higher-level being, investing more and more time to activities that isn’t just basic survival like sleep, eat, and procreate, but to create tools, build dwelling, create advanced social structures, evolve the arts, engineering, science and religion.. all this time needed to be saved.

Eating only raw food is highly taxing on the body.  Breaking down food by cooking helps save time for digestion, since digestion now becomes much easier. The human body adapted.

In a tribal society this worked well, and increased happiness. Still today, among tribes in the amazon that are still in this lifestyle, one tends to find they are generally very healthy and happy.

During the middle ages, however, most of the population was poor and still slaved to uphold a higher class, so that only the very rich could have time to work with alchemy, spiritual development or the arts or science.

Then came the explosion of knowledge, somewhere around the time when Masonry flourished and revived the lost arts of Egypt and Babylon. Medical science, knowledge and understanding increased. Of course for every action there is a reaction: centuries of ignorance and wars erupted, and continue to this day, the disharmony with nature and general greed and idiocy of the human animal is a bleak contrast to all the advances being made since the 1700’s.

I am getting to the point, soon.

Breadmaking involves all the five elements, water, earth, fire, air, spirit.

Earth: The grain comes from the earth and is of the earth. Germs help ferment the bread and introduce its earthy mineral nutrients.

Water: The water is mixed into the ground grain, creating the dough.

Air: The fermentation increases the volume of the bread thus creating more from less. The air expands the dough and makes it more palatable. Indeed the air also contain within it the spirit.

Fire: By baking the bread in fire, the proteins and starch is broken down into sugar, and lots of alchemical processes are taking place.

Spirit: The bread is central in ritual, as shown in the eucharist, as practised by the jews who learned it from the Egyptians, and by the christians who learned it from the jews.

In modern times, after 1950 or so, everything became more and more industial, and people have to work less in order to have food. Unfortunately that is not even the case, as humans still exploit other humans, neglecting the Luciferian ideal of a perfect world. It seems, for all the Fire-Stealing from the Gods and the Luciferian urge to have Humanity Rise through expanding conciousness, still Humans fail to evolve.

Thus, modern industrialization created a problem.

Bread has been made the same way for thousands of years: from water, wheat, natural fermentation from bacteria (sourdough) and by fire.

Now in recent modern times, they tried to save even more time and money, by introducing specially grown yeast. The problem is that the yeast introduced in normal bread contains only yeast and does not introduce the correct bacteria to break down the gluten. So that is why you have gluten intolerance, allergies to bread and other health issues concerning bread.

In a modern process, the wheat grain is industrially milled, a lot of chemicals added to it, water is added and yeast, but the fermentation process does not take place fully, and the dough is not allowed two days but just a few hours, resulting in the yeast only farting out some CO2, and then the bread is lifted and cooked. But it is not fully digested by bacteria, which do the vital part of taking care of some of the alchemical process needed.

So industrial bread is bad for you magickally and alchemically. Therefore you should only eat sourdough bread. Go buy it. If it is too expensive: do this:

  1. get some flour
  2. mix with water, add water until you intuitively feel that it is correct
  3. use plenty of time to knead and mix these two ingredients.
  4. let the dough ferment for one or two days, check on it as time passes, it should taste sour and the taste should develop. Do not add any yeast, the yeast and bacteria are introduced by the air and from your hands. Therefore do not completely cover the dough but let it have contact with the air. The natural environmental bacteria, fungi etc. will go into the dough and start working on it immediately. It could go fast or it could go slow, it depends on your local environment. Soon, after some cycles of breadmaking in the traditional way, you will learn the unique skill of making a bread that is in unique harmony with you, and your environment. 
  5. cook by fire in an oven.

I promise you this will bring you higher spirit in the form of a healthier body, and it will cost much less than an industrial-bought bread. The taste is indescribeably good. You can eat it directly, just rip off chunks and dip into a small bowl of olive oil, and sprinkle some salt on it (the salt should be natural dried sea salt).








Helping people with their problems.


The problem of being an expert, like most experts will agree, I am often called to assist people who, for some reason, find themselves in dire straits and want me to cure the problem by some kind of magick or wizardry, either of a techincal or occult nature. Often they find themselves in trouble because of their own fault.

If you look at me from a first glance, you just see a 25-year old male with cargo pants and a hoodie, very casually dressed. Of course I am much older, and also an occultist, but most people in reality know I have skills with computers and can tackle most engineering problems.

So, always when I visit my family or friends, even if we just talked about how annoying it is for me to go from work to enjoy a bit of quality-time, only to find my uncle or friend ask me about removing viruses from a Windows computer, or replacing batteries in a smoke detector. Just because I am an engineer, it seems that the laws of Nature themselves, has dictated that I should be ready at all times to perform engineering feats. Even impossible things, like “my car is screwed up, help” and so on. They often expect me to work for free, because they know me or I am in the family. Often they could not afford the services either, so I end up working a lot for free. I cut down on this a lot. It reminds me of a past master and pioneer experienced the following:

“The final insult came when was called to the sickbed of the wealthy churchman, Cornelius von Lichtenfels. The old Canon had been declared dying by his own doctors – the same professors of the Faculty at Basle. Von Lichtenfels offered one hundred guilders for a successful cure. Paracelsus prescribed three doses of a medicine, purgation and diet, and claimed that the old Canon’s condition had been misdiagnosed and not understood by his attending physicians. Von Lichtenfels was soon free of pain and shortly after was on his feet again, completely cured. He conveniently forgot both his suffering and his promise. He paid Paracelsus the usual six guilder fee claiming that this was sufficient for a single consultation and three doses of medicine.”

Many people want me to explain how magick works. Sure, I have explained it many times. I even helped a few individuals onto the path, being a tutor into the general road, but always with the intention that at a crossroad, they will decide what tradition within occultism they would work with, since we are all different. As for Luciferianism, it is a loosely defined at best, and perhaps at worst impossible to dictate any real dogma that would become a tradition, nor is there any pure tradition or lineage that I know of, so my Luciferian path is my own adaptation on the idea of Lucifer as the Morning Star, as a fallen angel, and the trickster Olymp of Prometheus, who stole fire from the Gods. A rebel, perhaps, but not as destructive or single-minded perhaps as most left hand pathers who talk about “annihilation through darkness” and such things, nor am I working towards any right hand path of accepting a god-figure and surrendering to a supreme authority. Nevertheless, my Luciferian path is my experiment, and I can not guarantee any results for you, although I am willing to share my experiences with you, especially if you too find it within yourself to know already that you are on the path of occultism or Luciferianism, or both.

Magick works if you are willing to work with Magick. To do that you need to study for years, starting immediately. The results you get are not up to me, its actually up to you. Nobody can “give” you magick, the big secret here is that you already possess everything deep within, your work is to uncover the layers of shit that prevent you from being the awesome god/godess that you are, and propel you into deity or demigod-ity.

I do not claim to have divine powers, nor am I just any knob out there. I too are constantly working and developing, far from perfect. But I have gone hell of a lot further than 99.999% of anyone out there who have started out working with the occult, and just because they can do a pentagram ritual without looking at the paper, think they are already the masters of the universe. Far from it. But well done, its a first step.

I hate to start selling services. That doesn’t really help people unless they are willing to do most of the work anyway, and it feels unethical to take peoples money who aren’t developing. Plus I dont have the time to do everything.

But I am considering now to sell a book, which willl contain everything I know about Luciferianism. It will be my contribution to anyone out there who is crazy enough to do what I do.












The final insult came when Paracelsus was called to the sickbed of the wealthy churchman, Cornelius von Lichtenfels. The old Canon had been declared dying by his own doctors – the same professors of the Faculty at Basle. Von Lichtenfels offered one hundred guilders for a successful cure. Paracelsus prescribed three doses of a medicine, purgation and diet, and claimed that the old Canon’s condition had been misdiagnosed and not understood by his attending physicians. Von Lichtenfels was soon free of pain and shortly after was on his feet again, completely cured. He conveniently forgot both his suffering and his promise. He paid Paracelsus the usual six guilder fee claiming that this was sufficient for a single consultation and three doses of medicine.

Book project


Image: Ganymede with lover friend

Someone said my energy is much lighter than Michael Ford. That’s nice. Ford is .. Ford. I would never compare myself to him. He is a Luciferian, I am a Luciferian. There is no One Truth in Luciferianism. As the visible stars on the night sky, so must every Star of Lucifer shine in myriad ways. I am bright yet dark, people say, how strange is that. Maybe I have both qualities. Maybe many Luciferians or all Luciferians have light and dark, they just show it differently according to their personality and/or level of initiation/knowledge.

So I am excited to announce that I will write a book. This website goes back for many years, and started out as just somewhere for me to ramble down some thoughts, that have matured over the years, perhaps not a perfect journey but it is all there, every mistake, every twist and turn.

Not everything has found its way to my blog, though, and I am happy to realize now that I can envision it that it will find its way into my book.

The title will be:

“So, you want to be a Luciferian?”

It will not be an academic work, citing history and past masters, but it will give some pointers to orient a new fresh mind in the landscape of occult possibilities and currents/traditions that are out there, that shall not in any way replace nor complement Luciferianism itself, but be guides and traditions the Luciferian needs to be aware of, and some of them, gain mastery.

From the most mundane magickal operation of just managing your physical life here on earth as a normal human, transcending that through spiritual development, through use of the tradition or method of occult study and practise best suited for your personality, race and karma, to the final implementation of your new Luciferian life, as one that is a bringer of Light, the God of your own Universe.

The chapters will be roughly these:

  1. introductions and warnings
  2. the occult landscape, and where you fit into the painting
  3. why lucifer?
  4. a word about indigo children
  5. magick – a short introduction
  6. karma and you – know your enemy
  7. first step: managing to exist in the physical world of materia
  8. a step down: into the animal world and Lunar influences
  9. further step down: awareness of human nature (where the real shit hits the fan)
  10. escaping it all: spiritual development, and why it needs to happen to you too
  11. the luciferian life – so you want to be a Luciferian?
  12. chivalry and you : be a god onto this world, a light in shining armor
  13. Satan, Christ, Buddha.. Hell or Heaven?
  14. dealing with religious people
  15. dealing with atheists
  16. dealing with other Luciferians
  17. dealing with occult consequences of your path
  18. further study
  19. credo
  20. appendix/references

Questions? Here are some common answers:

Q: When will the book be published?
A: Some time in 2016.

Q: How can I get a copy? How much will it cost?
A: Amazon. I don’t know, but I will invoke a spirit or daemon who will tell me 😀

Q: What are the warnings in the introduction?
A: Lucifer, Luciferianism, the Occult, and finding your true spiritual path, is not anything undertaken lightly, and dealing with spirits (or as some would prefer to call it: fragments of your inner psychology, depending on how you look at it, reflected in the macro and microcosmos) is not for the faint of heart. Kids that are underage (less than 16 years of age) should also be properly warned, that if they pursue occultism and perform magick, due to the way society is constructed and the possible consequences, some caution is explained in this chapter. The same goes for most people, who need to not expose their workings and development to the uninitiated, simply because the world is not ready to accept the full consequence of the truth, seeing the world as it is is a terrible task to put on yourself, for once, not to mention your surroundings that are unprepared for it.

Is this exciting news? Of course it is! 🙂 🙂

Salt and light

Tymawr Convent  a Sister prays in the chapelMy mother invited me to a christian mass held as a co-operation with her local church and the local convent, which is rarely open to the public. While I do get very bored in a normal church (where no-one, including the priest has any idea about the mystical and alchemical meaning of even such an important sacrament as the eucharist), I find it much more interesting to be around catholics. They seem to preserve tradition better, and to pay especially more attention to ritual, and its meaning.

So I joined, in order to take in the athmosphere, and although I didn’t sing in any of the songs, I was very amused with the architecture and look and feel of medieval times. The nuns were clad in black and white, simple linen clothes, made for nuns, that also added to the medieval experience.

My mind wandered to ancient times, when mages and alchemists conjoured up magickal potions and sigils in chambers and castle walls looking very similar to those surroundings I found myself in.

The priest surprisingly, in his sermon mentioned a passage about Salt. And light. The salt here is our light made manifest into the physical world. Our “cross to bear” so to say. The curse of the spirit, being bound in Materia. The light here could easily be the occult light, or the light in Lucifer as the bringer of occult light. The passage was:

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others(..)

Indeed, the Luciferian must shine his light before others. Without the Light of the Luciferian humans are lost.

I noticed the idea of alchemical Salt popping up a lot lately as synchronicity with other signs.

The nuns are master bakers, and had made lots of cookies and cakes… which warmed a Luciferian’s heart to be able to enjoy. The nuns sang songs, I felt entertained like a king.

The moral of this story is, just because you are a Luciferian, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy things in life, even among people who do not understand what you do, or who are deeply christian. Just don’t let their opinions bother you, they are, after all in their own karma. Likewise, don’t bother them with your opinions, you, are, after all, in your own karma…

Sit among the people, enjoy their songs and cakes. Meditate upon the ancient mysteries that are intertwined with every religion, as secret stepping-stones, back to Hermes Trimestigus, back to Prometheus, back to Toth, back to the ancient teachers who transcend time and space.