Computer heartbleed

If you have heard in the news about the current big computer data security hole, often referred to as the OpenSSL heartbeat or CVE-2014-0160 you probably wonder how it affects you.

Well it’s been around for 3 years. Hackers have been able to eavesdrop on your encrypted communication. During all these times everyone told you that your bank is secure, your email is secure, as long as you use HTTPS and SSL. Just as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) can create an illusion of making the right decision, so can NGJ (Naive Gullible Jumpingtoconclution) also be an entrapment and give you a false sense of security.

You can believe HTTPS will protect you, when it is not, and you can think it helps to download a patch and install the openssl-library 1.0.0f and above. Sure, the known bug in the above CVE will be fixed for you  – but there are other undiscovered bugs waiting to emerge tomorrow, in one month, in a year or in this case in 3 years.

Always use multiple layers of security. Don’t trust your data is safe just because some fucked up opinion that something is safe because it is theoretically safe. Always assume that out of 2 layers of protection, one are compromised and you do not know which. Use your own encryption on top of another encryption.

Banks, Corporations and Governments know this, and they are too stupid to let you know and/or to enforce good security.

Holy Grail Found


grail-indybelievesHistorians now think they have recovered the holy grail, great news for Christian believers, as there always have been little physical remains of the late Jesus of Nazareth.

The goblet is historically recognized and is also documented in different records.

I would assume it would be a tremendously interesting artefact to perform ritual magick with, because it is both a symbolic and actual vessel, that has gathered a lot of power over the years.

One could only imagine what alchemical work one could achieve with such a direct physical and metaphysical link to the egregore of christianity.

Now that would be an interesting eucharist to lo and behold.

Why do magick

You start life in a certain physical place in a certain time locked inside a physical body.

You understand at a very young age that this world is not your world.

You feel out of place and you stick out. As you grow up, from a very young age, other children understand too that you are different. They will like you, love you, taunt you, or even hate and fear you.

Adults too react to you and they will even feel inferior to you, they sense your old soul. They may even dislike you or give you labels. In the old days you would be labeled a which’s child, or an unnatural spirit. Today you are given labels like ADD, ADHD, Asperger, or any other label that would define or explain why you are different.

But the main thing is that you are not of this world.


Trapped in a physical body, locked in a material universe, and chained by society’s limited understanding of you, you start to break out of prison, you plan your escape.

By what tools will you escape and reintegrate yourself?

How will you deal with your situation? Accept your fate until your next reincarnation? Grow? Adapt? Evolve?

There are aspects of you that are pure but there are aspects of you that were tainted during your fall.

To work your way back to the Garden of Eden and reclaim your throne as God, you must map the Universe. You start by finding the different forces and influences and map them, make symbols of them.

Now, understand that many have traversed this road before, so you can avail yourself of symbols that are already there and who are also charged by the many who walked before.

You work with each one of these forces, and discover they are a universe in itself, from which everything can be perceived, and you reintegrate them in a purer form. Until your understanding of the universe reaches a certain point where you transcend the limitations of the material and mundane, and you understand the mystery.

That is the point of doing magick.

Invoking daemons and angels, bringing elementals forth, conjouring the zodiakal or planetary energies, are just the tools.


Path of Luciferianism

A Luciferian is not someone who sold their soul to the Devil. The Devil in the Tarot Card no . 13 represents Man being bound to the Material world, the world of form. Lucifer as an archangel (force, energy, archetype) is not the Devil or associated with the Devil.

A Luciferian is, however doomed, cursed, has the mark of Cain. He is, as an awakened Gnostic, well aware of his cross that he has to carry, through heaven, earth and hell: To truly see the world as it is, as the awakened Zen student, but it gets worse: The Luciferian is forever out of his comfort zone in dealing with the earth.

Heaven and hell, yes, earth and muggles, and the stale archetypes of frigid gods that carry so much baggage imposed by the robotic pattern of the collective conciousness : no

So what do Luciferians seek to do? Become their own God like the Satanist? Yes. Find God and Jesus like the Christian. Yes. Find true Enlightenment, like the Zen Buddhist? Yes.

So how can you be your own god and find Jesus at the same time?

Light … in a spiritual sense, is the fire from the gods which we, being sparks of god, rightfully reclaim as ours.

Darkness … in perfect balance, is a light of its own. In no duality and in complete darkness, the same mystery can be attained, as a spiritual one, darkness too emanates its own light.

Between the polar opposites Good and Evil is Emptyness, as in Zen Emptyness, (not english literal sense of emptyness) but one of perfect cleansed purity of essence free from labels, thought, attachment, taint and so on. It is what it is. The consecrated fire of the gods shines thereunto.

There is no Sacrifice, no Pact, no Covenant, no Contract, save that oath you silently would undertake once you decide to let your old self die, and take on the form of the light or the dark in search of becoming that fire which you will rightfully claim and become a star in the center of the Universe.

Maybe I will see you at the Crossroads.

Are you ready?


Protecting your computer system from the spy agencies.

tumblr_mfpl4xcLXG1qe959eo2_1280My dear friend Alex Jones from liberated way wanted me to do an article on cpmputer security and how you can protect your computer from the NSA, CIA, FSB and other criminal organizations.

After the many revelations lately, people have become more aware about computer security. But this topic is as old as computers, the problem is that too much information exists, many “experts” will try to explain the standard things to do through mainsteam media, which is the boring and usual stuff that doesn’t really protect your computer, like firewalls and antivirus.

In 2008 I attended a seminar by Trend Antivirus, inc, and their experts could tell me already back then that they only catch about 20% of viruses, or less. What does it mean? It means they sell a product that you pay for, that will make your computer 10% slower, open new holes (see trend: antivirus and safetyware new attack vector) and only do 20% of what the ad says.

So forget what you know already. Below I will list some helpful hints.

  • Never have the same password across websites. Check out a service like Free of charge. (use strong unique passwords)
  • Do not use the Microsoft Windows operating system. Use a Mac, or Linux. Linux is free of charge. (+ no need for antivirus software)
  • Use a high-security operating system if you can like Qube-Os free of charge.  (complete separation of processes)
  • Firewall your system. Ubuntu has a great free firewall:
  • Use hard disk encryption. (Linux and Qube-os has native support for hard drive encryption).
  • Secure your browser!! (Use Firefox, but lock it down! Consider TOR! Use addon: Noscript and ad-blocker). Understand what noscript does, read the documents and manuals for it carefully!!
  • Use TOR browser bundle (firefox) and read the documentation carefully, for anonymity online.
  • Encrypt all your USB drives!!!
  • Shred all your papers!!
  • Do not simply use TOR or any other security-tools without reading their documentation to fully understand their limitations and uses. Or you’re fucked.
  • Remove unused software, do disable services that you don’t use.
  • Keep all software running in a sandboxed environment in a VM that you can control (see Qube-OS)
  • Use tripwire and cryptographic hashing functions to check that your system is not infected or hacked.

Don’t forget also to bug sweep your house.

Assume skype, and mobile phones are tapped. You can get encryption for most smartphones that run on top of the 3G, 4G or SIP-enabled network.

Use VPNs with end-to-end encryption and perfect forward secrecy!

Learn how to use PGP or GPG to encrypt your email. (For this to work you must teach all your contacts to use and understand this software as well).

Good luck…