My take on: The Greater Church of Lucifer

I have noticed there is now something called “The Greater Church of Lucifer” – their website: So what is my take on this?

  • First, I am happy that someone took the time to make a Luciferian Church. Some of the views, especially the 11 points of Luciferian power, are quite good and valid points.
  • I am happy that my friend Jeremy Crow is one of its leaders. Jeremy I highly respect.
  • I am less impressed that Michael W Ford is a contributor. Mostly because his style focuses so much on the dark gothic satanist stuff that is really confusing for any newcomer. 
  • It is very positive that they appear welcoming and open, and do not fall into the pitfall of dogmas and rules, yet still try to evoke or challenge what is common among all Luciferians. 

All in all, it seems like a good initiative, it remains to be seen how well it will be for new people who realize they have the Luciferian nature and powers that they will want to identify with Luciferianism, since it feels natural to them. 

Autumnal Equinox preparations


How quickly time passes, it seems as only yesterday that I made my last blog post. To my readers (those who are still with me) I apologise for not taking the time to update my blog. I have passed many initiations on many levels both personal, material and spiritual. 

Many things in my life have been dissolved and is either reintegrated or in the progress of being reintegrated. I was unhappy in my love life, that has solved itself, I was unhappy with my living condition, I am now moving to my dream apartment next week (I did a saturn/luna ritual that caused a disaster whith water flooding prompting a move).

On a material level, all obstacles I had in January are now overcome or resolved completely. 

On a spiritual level, I now realize the mixed pleasure and horror of manifesting everything I put my desire into. I have to be careful what I wish for.

I am not looking back, I am looking forward, and the future looks bright, I have kicked it up a notch. 

My progress

e456utedtgdfgcgvWhat has taken some of my time the past weeks, is quite transforming. It seems that all the ghosts and karma not just from my current life but all past life wanted to manifest during two moon cycles.

Another thank you to Yaldabout, thou great old testament idol of the world, thou innocent childlike old man, thou corrupted since birth, thou creator of Sin, originator of Sin and the Reason for the Fall from grace and separation of man, from Plaeroma.

Thou, creator of separation and duality, thou destroyer of the Soul of Man, who ruined the Temple of Solomon as you first ruined the greatest creation Adam Kadmon.

I salute thee Yaldabout for creating a scratch that had to be itched.

Cheers to Sophia, the wise and talented guiding force of compassion and Love.

Cheers to the Spirits, Elements, Forces and Angels and Daemons. May we meet again soon.

Now that I have traveled through the Door and entered the Path to the new realms, I can see clearer.

There is truth that true initiation should be equaled to death and rebirth. As such all folk-tales about death and rebirths are stories of initiation and the world’s ever cycling wheel of karma of creation and destruction is itself an initiation.

(In such a way, the World initiates itself).

Now it’s time to do the yearly revision.



Nephews say the darndest things

For the past weeks I took care of my nephew who is going through a rough time, being a teenager and having to face many challenges and also some family drama of sorts. So he’s been living with me, and that is why I’ve not been updating my blog recently.

Today we took an evening stroll in the light summer-like evening of late May.

In dialogue:

LuciferianBlog: Isn’t this a nice evening.

Nephew: Yes.

Nephew: I want to go to the beach and put food there with laxatives and watch all the birds take a shit on people. I have seen videos of people doing that and its hilarious.

LuciferianBlog: Are you sure that is what you want to do with your life? I mean, come on what about the people? That is not nice.

Nephew: I don’t care about the people.

LuciferianBlog: But surely you wouldn’t want anyone to pull such a prank on you. What if you were at the beach and suddenly shit flies everywhere?

Nephew: But I am not them.

LuciferianBlog: What about your principles, your morale, and the bigger picture?

Nephew: I don’t have morale. The bigger picture is… The world is going to hell.

LuciferianBlog: But if you unleash shit from the skies, you certainly are not helping? If everyone thinks like you, that explains why the world is a shitty place?

Nephew: But I do not care about the world.

LuciferianBlog: Surely you must find it in you to find some idealistic purpose. I did not raise you to be like this? Do i really have to take you to the beach and you doing all that shit? No way.

Nephew: But I did not ask you to take me to the beach.

LuciferianBlog: So now you’re saying that you will go by yourself?

Nephew: Maybe I will not go to the beach.

LuciferianBlog: Now what?

Nephew: What’s for dinner?

Computer heartbleed

If you have heard in the news about the current big computer data security hole, often referred to as the OpenSSL heartbeat or CVE-2014-0160 you probably wonder how it affects you.

Well it’s been around for 3 years. Hackers have been able to eavesdrop on your encrypted communication. During all these times everyone told you that your bank is secure, your email is secure, as long as you use HTTPS and SSL. Just as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) can create an illusion of making the right decision, so can NGJ (Naive Gullible Jumpingtoconclution) also be an entrapment and give you a false sense of security.

You can believe HTTPS will protect you, when it is not, and you can think it helps to download a patch and install the openssl-library 1.0.0f and above. Sure, the known bug in the above CVE will be fixed for you  – but there are other undiscovered bugs waiting to emerge tomorrow, in one month, in a year or in this case in 3 years.

Always use multiple layers of security. Don’t trust your data is safe just because some fucked up opinion that something is safe because it is theoretically safe. Always assume that out of 2 layers of protection, one are compromised and you do not know which. Use your own encryption on top of another encryption.

Banks, Corporations and Governments know this, and they are too stupid to let you know and/or to enforce good security.

Holy Grail Found


grail-indybelievesHistorians now think they have recovered the holy grail, great news for Christian believers, as there always have been little physical remains of the late Jesus of Nazareth.

The goblet is historically recognized and is also documented in different records.

I would assume it would be a tremendously interesting artefact to perform ritual magick with, because it is both a symbolic and actual vessel, that has gathered a lot of power over the years.

One could only imagine what alchemical work one could achieve with such a direct physical and metaphysical link to the egregore of christianity.

Now that would be an interesting eucharist to lo and behold.