I felt the blazing heat of the sun, its solar winds feeling corrosive on my flesh. I drive my little blue car while trying to stay away from the sun’s rays hitting me. 

I wear dark sunglasses. I exit the vehicle and make my way toward the train station. So. Many. People. The energies of the crowd combined with the energy of the sun is overwhelming. 

Such chaotic noise. All the muggle thoughts I can hear in my head. The worries and struggles of the masses bathed in bright daylight. 

The train appears. I notice three undercover ticket controllers. Their body language betrayed them 50 metres away, but nobody else seems to notice. 

A crowd of people get off the train. I am a night person. All these people are a lot to handle for a sensitive me. 

There, at the very end, far behind everyone else is my Vampire friend. 

As if by magick, the weather changed into clouds and the beautiful light of shrouded daylight veiled in twilight occurred, and the temperature dropped instantly to a comfortable level. My friend looks at me silently. Thankfulness was expressed. 

It was only much later, in the evening, my friend points out that tonight is Walpurgisnacht, and we both kind of realize how a coincidence that we would be together on such a marked day. Decidedly we had made it so, even while not realizing conciously. 

I wonder how I will explain the marks I now carry on my throat. The sexual extacy was a combination of demonic possession, and an energy exchange going back and forward which I am glad I could handle much better than I expected. 

He of course was hungry for energy and I gave it, and to his big surprise I now have an endless supply of it. Perhaps that is why he was surprised too that I did not faint like most of his lovers do. Or nearly died like before. 

Instead I infused him with energy actively, in the throat chakra and in the heart chakra. I withdrew the energy, holding it and purifying it before putting it back again, much like keeping a fire alive by blowing on it, my breath following the exhange of energies. 

My alchemical fire was accelerated and I got quite a rush, feeling giddy and almost giggling in surprise. His reponse, looking at me with grey wolflike eyes and a serious white fanged set of teeth, was that most of his lovers are usually drawn in but end up frightened by what happens with the dynamic energy exchange. 

In my case I just have one problem which is to conceal bitemarks on my neck for the next week or so. 

Full moon

Its a full moon tonight. I gaze out into the garden through my window. No stars but the moonlight reflects down on a cast-iron cauldron where the flowers from last year have yet to aspire to live again. 

I should repaint that cauldron, the 200 year blackness has faded into dull gray, the moonlight shine in it almost neonlike tint. 

I am alone in the neighbourhood since all the muggles are according to tradition celebrating th easter in log cabins in the Norwegian mountains. Huh. The snow has relented, and lo, even the grass in my garden is green. At first sign of summer, Norwegian muggles are a strange breed, as they go up into the cold, snowy mountain, as if not wanting to let go the cold embrace of King Winter. I am left alone, to enjoy the first glimpse of summer. Alas, then, how quick the sun blazed across the sky. 

How I was in the garden repairing the old wooden benches. I oiled the old oakwood, the old boards drinking the moisture foaming of white bubbles of success. 

No sooner than a blink of my eye and i gaze into the red flames of the setting sun. And time begins to slow again. Another blink and its 0300 in the night. It is my time. Finally I get to do the things I enjoy. 

Its been like this as long as I can remember. My days fly, my mundane life on autopilot. Only during night am I awake, and enjoy my time, alone. 

I enjoyed watching The Borgias on Netflix. I seldom watch any modern entertainment. I rather read books. This series, and Dexter, would be an exception. Borgia, the 15th century pope from Spain, living at the time of the famous Medici bankers of Florence, and such persons as Leonardo daVinci and Macviavelli. Not to forget Lucretzia and Cesare Borgia, what a wonderful couple. 

I enjoyed wine from that district, recently, and won an item on eBay from that time. Such connection. Wonderful. 

The popes of all times has surely carried all the sins of mankind; when not being the cause of sin themselves. 

What I would give to have even one hour alone in the Vatican archives..

But I digress. The moon is charging my Lunar body. My senses are heightened. I hear things move in the garden. My house is empty except myself, and the occasional astral junk my already heightened senses even more clearly point out. 

Sleep is for morons who go with families to vacations. But seriously I would not mind being lost in sleep, to get my attention away from all the impressions of stellar, lunar and eartly natures. 

I have my feather pen, ink and parchments, and Ive updated my journal. And now I am blogging from my iPhone, the tool of correspondence of this time. 

Would that times be simpler. I sometimes wish back. 

When wood yielded only to fire and metal, and water was carried, not pushed through stale kilometers of copper tubes. 

The first Harry Potter movie is so great to watch. I saw it yesterday. If you ignore the silly CGI and the absurd idea that magickal invocations is done in Latin, the feelings I get are so simple and cute and innocent, also heavily influenced by British culture, but it is refreshing to feel how creativity and fantasy is being let loose in all the scenery, storytelling and details. 

About being different

A Luciferian does have some extra powers unknown to others.

I have incredible possibilities to affect my surroundings, when I use the power to do it. The problem is, I tend to forget.

I am reminded again when things don’t go my way. Perhaps when I let mundane struggles pull me down, I wake up like from a bad dream and remember ‘wait! I shouldn’t have to feel like this!’ and I do something about it.

For instance, a week passed, I’ve mostly had clients wondering where the next feature of my program is, bills piling up, projects stopping and my boyfriend have been to busy to meet.

Yesterday, perhaps aided by the extra power of the New Moon, I felt I had to do something. I had a meeting explaining the new powerful artificial intelligence of my programming project, which swooned the client so they now realize its the next big thing, projects are moving again and my relations are such that I have a romantic date finally, both me and him being able to take time off our busy life and just enjoy time together.

I must constantly remind myself that although I am a humble person with lots of love for other beings, I do posess some power of manifestation that I tend to forget. And I must be careful, because I always get what I want so I must be careful what I wish for.

Now then, to go off work and have drinks with my boyfriend, in a bar built on a 12th century convent. Reflect on the past and the future as we stand on the ruins of prayer and humility.

Invocation to Lucifer and what to expect.

Hello everyone. A while back ago (years ago) I wrote an invocation to Lucifer. Or two. There are probably some versions somewhere on my site. The reason I wrote them was to give the humble reader some inspiration, perhaps to write your own version. My invocation was more like a hymn, a dedication, or meditation more than a ritual.

Perhaps I should have written a more elaborate ritual with a clear intention, perhaps when you decide to take the Luciferian path, something is ready to give in your life, that you finally emerge as the one solely in charge of your life. Indeed, realizing this is more horror than selling your soul to the proverbial devil.

You find yourself alone, but free, and if you so desire to be truly free and in charge of your destiny, then you should do the invocation. If you have any doubt or projections of any negative sort you should not.

You must be able to trust your instincts on this one. It helps if you have prior occult knowledge. No, I daresay it is required you be a magickian for you to do a magickal invocation of any kind.

Depending on what system you have studied or worked on, you perhaps know to test your vision when you do a skrying or invocation of any kind. Well, to be honest, there is no textbook answer how to test the presence of Lucifer the archangel in you. Or yes, some of you may say that testing with the sigil of Lucifer will work, or that something else will work. Fine. Do that.

But if you do not know how to test, or what to expect,  please dont trust the voices in your head. Instead, relax, enjoy, and take it as a journey. You’re just a tourist but you did travel there.

Don’t have sex with Lucifer unless you know what you’re doing :D

I wish you luck. My invocation is too personal to share, but it sure was interesting and I am still experiencing daily consequences.

ADHD in children

I am on a bus returning from a magickal retreat. I pass the time doing some work online, thanks to the onboard wi-fi system. The trip so far has been relaxing. But there is a kid onboard, maybe he is 10, who is driving his mother and younger sister crazy. This is one kid who cannot sit still, he has to do something all the time. He would probably be put in the “ADHD” category.

So I think this is a good time to analyze and answer the question: why ADHD? Why are more and more kids suffering from a condition that warrants the use of such a label?

First, I will not challenge the assumption that there are more ADHD kids now than before.

Second, the reason, why, is evident after observing this child now for 2 hours. He is clearly bored. His sister is a muggle, happy to play with dolls and watch movies on the ipad. His mother is also a muggle and very neurotic and has a very low level of intelligence. The boy is extremely creative, and present in the moment. His mother doesnt respond or give him any stimulation, she just yells at him to shut up. He is probably not given any real intellectual challenges at home, or in school, or by being with friends the same age.

Even if two equally intelligent and savant kids get together, they have only the knowledge and tools they have been given and they are underdeveloped in the sense that, in spite of their enormous level of intelligence and creativity, they lack the guidance.

The home, education system and even culture is simply not ready for their special talents.

I have an intuition that this kid can communicate even telepatically, even without concsciously knowing, he is ready to learn, but the world is not ready for these kids. Reminds me of the school for kids with supernatural powers in the movie “x men”. The world is not ready so they are labeled ADHD kids.

They are bored because their parents are very stupid, the television and internet programs are stupid and archontic and their teachers are incapable of harnessing their talents, so they are bored and frustrated, and end up being misunderstood and even looked at as being less developed than their more docile complacent peers.


The purpose of religion or no-religion

Dear readers of my blog,

A new Luciferian flame has been lit. Its lights has been grown after my travels in the underworld and rekindled so I can be a light for others. Emerging from Hell, I want to send greetings to everyone who is travelling outside the common river and instead forge their own roads.

I want to share a particular moment of inspiration I had today, as I was driving my car to a client. My new car I might add, since the previous one was destroyed, as with my house as part of my purification process that take place on a spiritual level and manifests also inevitable in the material. Anyway, I digress. So here I am behind the new steering wheel, a Luciferian driving, seeing traffic and being part of traffic, my muscles reacting automatically to the world. On a model-thought this is exactly what happens in the macrocosmos, and the muggles who are victims to fate. Except the adept who has risen beyond his fate, everyone muggles and one the road to mysticism or wizardry is also in a sense victims of his own surroundings, even if they create their own surroundings.

So I was able to have some profound insight. But before I share that insight, I must ask the question: Why is it that we get sudden inspiration when we are doing something automatic and mundane like driving? Perhaps the answer is that our mind is so occupied, that the consciousness is stressed and kept so busy, that the mundane noise of thoughts is silenced, the Waters of the Mind is silenced, the storms of mundane Maya is calmed, and we are closer to a real Zen moment of perfect clarity.

Sure, we are hot-wired to interrupt even this serene and blissful state of mind-consciousness sure enough that your parents-in-law would call you in the middle of having sex. But for a millisecond you have that momentary escape from Samsara (endless wheel of cycle of birth and rebirth and karma) and you can see the world as it is, albeit for a moment.

It is moment like this Zen masters work their whole lives to gather up as much as possible of, and preach words of wisdom about, and write poems about, that essence of divine enlightenment and no-mind, that english word so poorly translated from Samadhi, where the mind becomes still, or one-pointed and temporarily enlightened.

And here is the lesson, I want to explain why we as human beings bring forward religion, and similarly why we can be just as enlightened and happy with not-religion. Since this is complicated enough, I will explain what I mean by each thing, and, seeing as having transcended dualism, how they are one and the same thing.

We all seek dissolvement and sublimation into the Plaeroma of true Enlightenment.


A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. So it is closely related to culture, philosophy and existential questions. No wonder how easy it is to confuse one over another, while, as I will prove, they are the same.

The real purpose of religion is, and has always been, to lead to true Enlightenment. How they are culturally biased, and how they are carried out, is of course much debated, diverse, and subject of obsession and the pitfalls of the ego and the unbalanced negative forces that infiltrate such structures. One common problem is indeed the structures and illusions being created, while in reality, if one truly transcend the structure behind every religion and approach the structure as a vessel to travel through the system of initiations to reach a certain goal, the key is to do it well. Yes, there are some religions and some systems of initiation that do not lead to true Enlightenment as a system by itself, but that doesn’t mean that one who practise it as a master is not Enlightened by mastery.


One who spends his days doing a single repetetive task such as slicing pieces of dead fish and putting them on balls of rice formed by the hand can also become enlightened. The Sushi master spends years in school learning to carve each time a more perfect slice of fish, to form each time a more perfect ball of rice in his hands, to join these two together, to put a brush of rice vinegar on it and put the slice on a perfectly clean and aesthetically pleasing plate. Every attention goes into detail in this simple task, that can be dissolved into Samadhi, the place where enlightenment begins and true Enlightenment can be reached eventually, even without religion.

The Sushi master could after a lifetime of making sushi suddenly awake, and achieve the level of initiation comparable to a Zen master. My argument is that any master is a master of his life and fate, wether he express it through religion or mundane work. The Hell’s Angels member who is a master at motorbike repair, could become one with his bike. The doctor could, as he is performing surgery, reach the same level of artful skill that he becomes one with scalpel and patient and hospital and fully dissolve into the mystic state of being one with everything.

This is Kung-Fu.

The Kung-Fu warrior is a master in fighting and thus express Kung Fu.

But the master engineer, or painter, or lawyer, or artist, can also express Kung Fu by being masters at what they do.

So my lesson: Take what you do, take what you teach, and make it perfect, then do it again, do it again, each time do it better, until you reach perfection, then go beyond, go into no-perfection, where dualism and perfect and no-perfect dissolve and you truly become a Master.